Manager - Digital Learning Experience Design and Digital Marketing

Why does this role exist?

This role is crucial to the transition of our business from offline engagement models to online engagement models. In addition to a transition in course content, we anticipate a transition in the way we market and engage our customers. This role will bridge the gap between where we are now (in a semi-online engagement format) to becoming a fully online business within the next six months.

How will this role deliver results?

This role involves the amalgam of three capabilities:

  • Creative Design
  • Pedagogy design
  • Psychology of learning

Every course that this role produces will include elements of microlearning, gamification and integration with rich media to engage audiences to encourage them to consume more.

The second aspect of this role relates to the ability to leverage digital media to increase customer engagement. This requires the ability to attract customers to register themselves, the ability to periodically engage them through multiple channels and to leverage digital marketing to drive lead generation.

What specifically are the accountabilities and measures for this role?

  • Visually appealing courses and thoughtfully designed engagements that increases customer utilization and monetization
  • Design courses that appeal to four classes of audiences: No Touch (consumer), Low Touch (public programs), Medium Touch (corporate programs) and High Touch (enterprise programs)
  • The ability to upsell and cross-sell to the existing customer base
  • The ability to increase the database of potential contacts
  • Drive lead generation through targeted marketing campaigns

This position would be based in India. Peripheral intelligence, Business and Financial Acumen, Creative Visual Communication, Learning Experience Design and the ability to communicate with clarity would be essential for this role.

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