Micro-Learning Specialist

This role exists to drive absorption, retention and application of leadership skills and behaviours to drive habit formation for customers.

Learning without application is hallucination. The art of leadership development and coaching lies in our ability to drive measurable impact. Those business impact can only happen if every individual learner is able to retain the learning, apply that learning and build habits that transform individual and collective performance.

Your role would entail the creation of micro-learning library by chunking down all of our learning assets in order to drip feed these assets to improve learning and retention. In addition, you would also be responsible for managing daily interactions with learners over a technology platform and to be able to analyse aggregated responses to fine-tune the delivery of micro-learning. Effective spoken and written communication skills, the ability to design and gamify micro-learning content to increase learner engagement would be critical for this role.

Ideally, this role is symbiotic blend of human intelligence and machine intelligence to drive learner retention and application.

You would ideally have a background in psychology and technology and possess the capabilities to understand the nuances of how students and adults learn and how they build better habits. The measurement of your effectiveness lies in the business results that our customers are able to showcase and attribute to our habit formation engine.

This position would be based in India.

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