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Delivering Customer Value through the blend of IQ, EQ and EQMatter!


Our Associates

We offer unique value to our clients through our expert associates – coaches and facilitators. Our coaches and facilitators are chosen through the specialised triangulation process of EQ, IQ and XQ.


This helps in establishing a safe space within which the coach and the coachee can openly have authentic conversations. It is also a reflection of the profound commitment of the coach to ensure that the coachee is successful.


This comprises the intellectual horsepower that the coach brings to the conversation through their meaningful conversations, powerful and questions and active listening to the unspoken thoughts.


This is a process which shows the coaches’ ability to get their coachee to gain insights faster. It involves structuring the coaching conversation, layering it and interspersing it with IQ, XQ, maximizing ROTI (Return on Time Invested) for the coachee.
We have ensured that each one of our associates come with significant C-Level experience and are certified coaches as well. Their experience with various assessments and methodologies helps them leverage their associations in multiple forums and collaborations to bring out their best for every client.
We believe, “The team is always greater than the individual” therefore as a community and family we come together to learn, share and stretch each other’s thinking and skills. This helps us in creating a safe environment to showcase vulnerabilities, seek feedback and gain new insights on how we could serve our clients and coachees better.

Prof. Philippe Rosinski MCC

Executive Coach & Facilitator
Phillippe is a world authority in executive coaching, team coaching and global leadership development.
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Ramkrishnan Sundaresan

Executive Coach
Ram is a Transformational Coach, Business Advisor and Independent Director and his current mission is to challenge individuals and organizations to achieve their potential and uncover their ikigai.
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Lauren Houghton

Executive Coach
Lauren Houghton is an accomplished leadership strategist, and master executive coach.
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Vijayakumar Rajagopal

Executive Coach
Vijayakumar Rajagopal (Vijay), is an experienced facilitator and coach and delights in the joy of making others great.
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Dr. Smitha Sarma Ranganathan

Advisor - Research Initiatives
Dr. Smitha has over 21 years of experience as an advertising and brand communication professional.
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Vasudev Murthu CP. APMP

Vasudev Murthy has more than thirty years of experience across technology, management and training.
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Sam Chia

Executive Coach
Making Change happen is the foundation on which Sam provides top executives with effective business solutions that deliver measurable results for their organization challenges.
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Executive Coach & Facilitator
Phek helps leaders and teams to unleash their potential to solve their most challenging issues.
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Krishnan Raman

Executive Coach
Krishnan is an experienced Consultant, Coach, Mentor & Facilitator with more than 20 years of experience in enabling Leadership at all levels across India and other parts of the world.
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Olivia Lockwood

Executive Coach
Olivia is a sales consultant specializing in learning and performance. Olivia brings credibility, candour, and compassion to help the people she works with make their good lives great.
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Teoh Swee Lin

Executive Coach
Swee Lin is an organisational consultant, leadership assessor and executive coach with over 27 years of experience.
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Srilekha Madhav

Executive Coach
Srilekha’s passion is to support executives and organizations connect with their infinite potential and Channelise it into performance.
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Amit Mehra

Executive Coach
Amit Mehra is a Leadership, Executive and a Career Transition Coach with a career span of 34 years in the corporate sector.
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Anupama Murali

Executive Coach
Executive Coach, Leadership Trainer, Professional Speaker, Meditation Facilitator With over 15 years of corporate experience, over 100 Meditation programs, and 750+ hours of coaching senior, ...
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Our Partners

Everything we do is designed for your success. This is why we have partnered with some of the best organisations to help you achieve your goals.

Every partnership is rooted in its own research and is tempered with years of experience. Through our collective solutions, our engagements have the ability to create and sustain value, while showcasing tremendous potential that you can benefit from.

Global Coaching Lab and Tripura Multinational enjoy a common heritage – with the directors serving on both the Boards. Tripura engages with multinational corporations across the globe. Its program effectiveness has been tested by organisations to help their sales people move up. This partnership helps us cross leverage expertise to address Business and Sales Leadership Coaching, across both the organisations and to provide an enhanced set of services for our customers.

Global Coaching Lab and Rosinski & Company have established a partnership, based on mutual trust and respect, to offer solutions around GLOBAL LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT. Through this partnership, we have been able to:

  • Achieve Excellence in the field of Leadership Development and Coaching
  • Apply the unique multi-perspective structure to address different Functions and Industries;
  • Bring the richness of this program to Asia

Through our partnership 2015 with SHRM India, we have had the opportunity to:

  • Successfully launch a number of in-house and public programs on Empowering Women into Leadership in India.
  • Building the HR function as a Business Partner within organisations.
  • Build strategic alignment and cross group collaborations.
  • Build business acumen and become a strategic partner in business results.

Global Coaching Lab’s partnership with Simply.Coach digital coaching platform is strategically driven to ensure our executive coaching, team coaching and customer engagements are innovative and future ready for the digital age.

We believe in alignment of performance, potential and purpose.

Your story has the power to inspire!
Leadership grows with inspiration.

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What am I doing here? What is the purpose of all this? How could I have more joy in my work, and also more meaning? And that was the start of my journey.

I did a Masters at Stanford University in Electrical Engineering. Even back then, I took all my elective classes in humanities, sociology, philosophy and history. After that, I went to work as an Engineer in Silicon Valley...