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There is only one thing stronger than all the armies of the world: and that is an idea whose time has come. – Victor Hugo

Global Coaching Lab traces its roots to its
founder’s desire to leverage the power of collaboration, to
create a community of coaches, who can contribute and
learn at the same time.

This platform then spawned into helping coaches achieve
their accreditation as also build their capability to market
and sell their services. This success of this world-wide
community on LinkedIn
triggered the need to establish
a formal organization, which was initially spearheaded by
Sripriyaa Venkataraman.

She widened the scope of the organization from
community building to customer engagement, women
empowerment, and leadership development,
leveraging the power of coaching in its richness and variety.

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Our Vision

Bridging the gap between performance, potential and purpose through the power and possibilities of coaching.

Transform a million leaders to build a coaching culture within their organizations by 2030.

Key Inflection Points in our Transformation

An organization is measured by the company it keeps. The quality of an
organization’s ecosystem is what triggers confidence in the customers commitment to
engage and leverage. We have been fortunate to have some powerful partnerships
that amplifies our ability to create and sustain value for all our engagements.

Multiple lenses, multiple perspectives,
multiplier possibilities.

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The first partnership started with Philippe Rosinski. He is
the author or two books “Coaching Across Cultures” and
“Global Coaching”. These books form the foundation for
the perspectives, principles, and practices that we utilize
in every coaching engagement.

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Work is another component of life;
how do you harmonize all role
components of life?

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A key component of leadership effectiveness is personal
wellbeing. Well-being is often achieved through the
awareness, appreciation, and balance of various life role
every day. This is where our partnership with UBalancer
helps leaders discover their life balance. At this stage it is
only appropriate we acknowledge the deep commitment,
insights and foresights of Late.Dr.Robyn Young, whose
research culminated in her authorship of the book Bounce
Back, which serves as the foundation for our approach to
Life Balance.

The power of a partnership is in the joint
discovery of unaddressed potential

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The partnership with SHRM (Society for Human Resource
started with our joint desire to serve specific
needs of our customers. With the importance of gender
representation and upward mobility gaining importance, we
decided to partner on a set of initiatives to empower more
women into leadership. This has since morphed to address
the multifarious needs of evolving HR practices to include
Business Acumen, HR Brand Management, Executive
Coaching and Virtual Conferences.

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Our Path Forward>>>

As an organization, we believe in the power of universal
principles, the network, and the platform as foundations for how
we plan to scale the impact of Global Coaching Lab in the world.

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The intersection of multiple cultures provides a
plethora of universal principles that we would like to
design as frameworks for our coaching engagements to
achieve more for our clients. We believe that any
engagement founded on sound universal principles
maximizes its ability to create value.
We believe that every engagement should spawn
net-promoters who are able to cascade and amplify the
value they have gained. Such a network will hopefully
bring large scale change and cement coaching as a
foundational lever
for people, productivity,
performance, and potential enhancement.
We believe in establishing a network of coaches
across the globe, whose capability and diversity
maximize the possibility for our clients. In-fact, we
believe that the network by itself has the potential to
raise its water level through its sheer diversity and
Through the confluence of principles, the network, and
the platform we seek to become one of the largest
executive coaching services providers in Asia. If this
aspiration helps us touch and transform a million lives in
this decade, we would only be grateful for the
opportunity to serve.

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Experience is your gateway to discovery.
Our events, both virtual and class room are
designed to leverage the diversity of its
delegates and create experiences, some of
which can be potentially life changing.

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