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Believe In The Power Of Questions...Create Meaningful Outcomes...
Make Others Great!


  • We enable business opportunities through our business development initiatives. This is done by clearly articulating the value of our community of professionals, highlighting the benefits of engaging a diverse community which brings multiple perspectives to client situations;
  • We help customers scale the impact of coaching within their organizations;
  • We provide mentoring support, and also enable a learning platform for our coaches through our “Learning Circles” initiative where we identify and address critical areas of development for coaches, which are aligned to customer needs;
  • We provide a safe environment for our coaches to utilize the community as a sounding board for their ideas and challenges, and provide necessary support to help them scale up their coaching practice.


If you want to be a part of our team:

  • Inclination to sales and build a career on Training and Coaching Solutions
  • If you want to build your career as Facilitators and Trainers
  • Visual Designers
  • Learning Experience Designers



  • You should be a highly qualified coaching professional, Learning and Development (L&D)/HR professional, a business leader, a functional lead, a mentor or an individual with an expressed intent to mutually build a successful professional coaching community;
  • Possess a strong personal motto to "Give and Receive"- in that order;
  • Possess the ability to engage and leverage a highly diverse professional pool, add value and increase perspectives, thereby leading to overall enrichment of the Community.

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