Our Team

People who work,
fulfil dreams,

Our biggest strength is our dedicated team of experienced individuals who bring passion, alignment and diversity into the workplace. They are enthusiastic about collaboration and are committed to delivering excellence.
Every team member is hired not just for their skills and capability, but also to have the opportunity to realise their full potential of “Who they could truly be!”

Leadership Team


Venkataraman Subramanyan

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Engages in scores of executive coaching engagements and most of these engagements are with senior leaders and managers, and over 75% of these leaders either get promoted or take on higher responsibilities. He is an accredited member of the Forbes Coaches Council and constantly shares his thought leadership through articles, and provides insights on how leaders can play at their next higher level.

"Move away from the epidemic of excuses to the pandemic of possibilities"


Sripriyaa Venkataraman

Founder and Chief Operating Officer

Responsible for driving innovation, maximizing partnerships and ensuring excellence in operations, she is an ICF certified coach from the Coach Training Alliance, Colarado, USA and has enjoyed the opportunity to coach individuals from different countries, cultures and diverse backgrounds.

"Leadership narratives of the future will need art and culture as inspirations to innovate, create change and channel growth."

We believe
in the potent combination of performance, potential and purpose.

Executive Team

I decided to be a part of Global Coaching Lab because nothing gives me more satisfaction than seeing my clients being positively impacted personally and professionally through our powerful coaching solutions.
Kumar Somayajilu

Director - Business Development

We believe that every human being has the power to inspire!

There’s this continuous energy that goes around in Global Coaching Lab, the energy to build something invaluable, to keep it open and available for the world to benefit from, the energy that propels you towards the path of self-transformation.
Sowmya S

Manager - Digital Learning Experience Design & Digital Marketing

I joined Global Coaching Lab to leverage the combined power of Consulting and Coaching to deliver greater client value. It is everyday learning, interacting with plethora of leaders across industries and I simply love it.
Prasad Panapakkam

Senior Manager - Business Development

I chose to work at Global Coaching Lab, because as an organization it believes that every employee has got tremendous potential and we are taught to fill our hearts with the need to make others successful. The collaborative working style has helped me evolve in the role, given me clarity to learn and grow both professionally and personally.
Kavita Chandrasekhar

Client Delivery and Partner Success

There’s this continuous energy that goes around in Global Coaching Lab, the energy to build something invaluable, to keep it open and available for the world to benefit from, the energy that propels you towards the path of self-transformation.
Sugavanam Sundaresan

Finance, Accounting and Administration

We believe, there is more to diversity than just gender diversity.

I am passionate about making others great through the power of coaching. Coaching can turn a mediocre performer into a top producer and a struggling team into an unstoppable force. I’m enthusiastic about sharing information and ideas with my team members in order to create a great customer experience.
Srinivas Rao CH

Digital Analytics and Business Insights Specialist

With 25 years of global business management experience across Asia, Europe, and the United States, my focus has been on assisting leaders and individuals in Global Coaching Lab, achieving “transformative growth” and outcomes as a Sales Leadership Facilitator, and Performance Coach.
Ian Lyall

Sales and Leadership Facilitator

One cannot learn in an environment of bias.

I am passionate about creating transformative leadership journeys through a systems psychodynamic lens that empowers us to take that leap of faith to embrace the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. I take pride in working with Global Coaching Lab, where ideas are freely exchanged, where challenges are embraced, and where success is not a destination but a continuous journey.
Rashmi Gogna

Leadership Transformation Specialist

With more than 27 years of business management experience spanning Asia and other global markets, my career is marked by a passion for driving transformative growth in emerging markets and developing enterprise business models. As a seasoned leader, I have excelled in managing large-scale businesses and nurturing diverse teams, consistently delivering exceptional results.
Harsha Ramaiah

General Manager - South Asia

I joined Global Coaching Lab in order to grow and gain knowledge and experience. I want to make a creative impact on the organisation through my exposure to digital media and creative communications. I believe in the Quote “Fall > Live > Rise”. Being greater, doing good and searching for something new will ensure that I succeed ahead of time..
Abilash Ramanathan

Specialist - Creative Communication