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Personal Branding


As we engage across multiple client requests to empower their women managers into leadership, we are only surprised if we do not hear the request for “Building a Personal Brand”.

In a world of lookalikes, you need to stand out. One way to stand out is to build your personal brand. In fact every woman professional needs to build their brand proactively and consciously.

“If you are not different, you deserve to be commoditised”

Understanding the psychological dimensions of men and women professionals through our works in the space of leadership development, and also from sourcing through expert research on behavioural sciences – we know that the predominant biological nature of women is ‘We Centric’ and not ‘I Centric’. This evolutionary trait in women professionals has now made it highly necessary for women to find the right ways to create, nurture and promote their unique personal identity-brand.

William Arruda, Personal Branding Guru, said the following in an  interview with Forbes magazine : “Women feel that doing a good job is enough to be recognized and promoted. Men are more likely to speak about their accomplishments publicly.”

Our Belief

Our belief to help women professionals create the right cognitive and emotional shift in their ability to create their identity. What is more important here is for them to move away from vicariously living their brand to truly showcasing their brand through their actions constructively and consistently.

Some Question to think critically

How much have you accelerated towards your potential on account of your Personal Branding?
When you walk into a room, what do others say about how you come across without a word being spoken?
What proportion of your potential are your endorsements on LinkedIn?
How would you estimate the value of every like that you get on Facebook?
How do others describe the warmth behind your personality and the strength behind your character?


They will gain greater self-awareness on their current brand and future potential.

Proactively build a plan to enrich and sustain their brand.

Gain a deeper level of awareness beyond the physical aspect of branding into the psychological and social aspects of branding.

Build your brand based on values and principles that will take you closer to your potential and purpose.