Entrepreneurship & Leadership Development

Entrepreneurship & Leadership Development

A leader is not someone who necessarily has to lead the way always. A leader is someone who has the maturity to learn from anyone

What is your view of leadership? And what is your style?

A leader is not someone who necessarily has to lead the way always. A leader is someone who has the maturity to learn from anyone, anything. If the leader knows there is someone who knows it better, he/she should be ready to embrace it.

In fact, a leader should have the guts to move out of the way and allow the other person to lead and meet the business objectives. This is exactly my style.

How do you like to receive feedback?

Of course, positive feedback motivates me. But I would rather hear negative, candid feedback that is on my face. I am pretty much a self-made person so criticism is what has helped me where I am today. It makes me think, it makes me improve myself.

How do you like to give feedback?

My feedback is solely dependent on the receiver; I ensure its tailor made for each person so that the receiver gets the message clearly.

A leader should have the guts to move out of the way and allow the other person to lead and meet the business objectives.

What are your main strengths, and which are your weaker ones?

Strengths would be Confidence and Drive with which I march forward. And I listen to only myself and do things only if I am convinced. Weaknesses would be my inability to say No and being too open and friendly for my own good.

Which Three Adjectives Describe Your Strengths?

Keep Moving Forward | Come What May | Never Give Up

Do you enjoy challenges, if so why?

Absolutely! It makes your brain wired to solve problems easily and swiftly. It enhances your decision-making ability and makes you more prudent because you are trained to look at problems from all angles. And anyway, challenges for me is way of work life!

What advice would you give to someone who wants to become an entrepreneur?

Earlier I would have said, Jump. But now I would recommend anyone to think, listen to others who have failed or have succeeded. I would strongly suggest they take measured and cautious steps as they are entering a wild and competitive zone, if they are not mentally and physically up for it – it could be devastating. Have a roadmap and look at your venture from all possible angles and be future ready. Earlier VCs used sign up for the idea but now a lot of water has gone under the bridge, they want to see monetary benefits before investing in start-ups.

How should a leader handle failure?

Failure is very important. But you should not allow it to get to you, gently distance yourself from it but look at it objectively and keenly take the learnings it gives you.

What was the last thing you learned?

That the only constant thing in life is CHANGE.

What was the last thing you taught someone?

I told another budding entrepreneur to select his team carefully, fill it with the right talented and motivated individuals only then will you stay motivated.

Who is your favourite leader? Why?

My Mother, for her will power and confidence. She fought a battle with Cancer with doctors struggling to save her, she never ever gave up and today she is Cancer free and a strong survivor. So I look up to her always!

How do you feel you make a difference in the world?

We are impacting the student community; we are revolutionizing the way they interact now. Our platform has made so much available for them that will make their transition into the corporate seamless and successful. I am proud of this.

Praveen closes the interview with the power of the universe and how spiritual alignment has helped him move forward with confidence during one of his most turbulent phases of life. He could have easily succumbed to self-pity but he chose to live life with meaning, action and impact. Hats off to this young leader who leads by example without even knowing it.

praveen ganesh Praveen Ganesh

Founder, LetzConnect Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Praveen is an entrepreneur who has launched a forward-looking platform that bridges the gap between students, faculty, corporates and the entire ecosystem within the small confines of a mobile phone.

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