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Definitions are found in dictionaries and Meaning is found in People!

At GCL we believe in the power of conversations to define our research initiatives.


At Global Coaching Lab, we believe that any organization in the space of human enablement and empowerment, needs to have a deep research focus. We are very happy to present Leadership Geometry as an approach to our research.

Geometry is an essential element of mathematics in real life. Just like we learn to understand shapes and sizes using geometry, at Global Coaching Lab we believe that to build some new narratives for leadership we need to draw connections and explore different angles of existing leadership principles and practices. Thus, Leadership Geometry is the key aim of our Research Labs.

Our beliefs

Our Research Labs aims to work with academia and practitioner experts to provide a blended and balanced lens to insights and findings.
Any research that does not pique your curiosity and sparks you to act, is a mere waste of your time. Therefore, we promise to humanize research and allow the power of stories to guide our findings and insights.
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We believe that our findings and insights SHOULD matter to YOU. Therefore, it is our responsibility to produce distinct, differentiated, and purposeful studies that can help you take a step into the future with agility, courage and less resistance.

Published research studies

WOW Factors

A powerful three-step framework that helps women leaders deeply reflect and practically devise strategies across Portals of Entry, Rituals of Passages and the Sanctum of Possibilities.

Leading In a Hybrid World

The SIX PERSPECTIVEs framework to help you reflect and lead effectively in a transformed hybrid world.

Personal Identity Project Report and Playbook

The Personal Identity Project

Exploring Personal Branding through the Creator-Narrator Continuum

Upcoming research studies

The Authentic Identity project

This specific research is about deliberately extending WOW factors to creating a spiritual journey to define one’s own identity.

Leadership Through The Mind of an Artist

Artistic leadership is a beautiful merging of creative strategies and emotional decision-making that is out to break the mould in more ways than one. can mainstream leadership invite and cross pollinate with artist and cultural leaders to define some new narratives for leadership.

Exploring the Sacred Corridor of Change Management

Gauging the shifts in organisation and industries during volatile times and finding ways in which we can humanize and create cultures that will thrive.

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Evidence-backed transformations for an indelible impact.

We believe that our studies will be truly useful, when we engage in conversations that catalyse change. We are happy to present the findings and help you reflect and plot your leadership transformation map.

Your story has the power to inspire!
Leadership grows with inspiration.


To Inspire at the work place, an ego free performance is nothing but Leadership. Topped with wisdom and knowledge you become a rolemodel Leader

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