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Research Labs

Our ability to help our clients to plan ahead and for us to move away from reactive solutions designing for client needs, gave us the belief to invest in research capabilities. Research Labs is a special initiative to generate proactive insights that has the ability to contribute meaningfully to our clients and their ecosystem.

These insights would be generated systematically through well-structured surveys, across selective target audiences, across similar and diverse industries – which will help us generate insights and constructive benchmarks.

One of our current focus initiatives

As we scale through this initiative, through our multiple leadership and team engagements, we sense a pressing need in the area of moving teams to higher performances and higher levels of collaboration, and a collective rhythm that leads to higher outcomes.

Having utilised some of the highly sought after teaming frameworks and models, and at the same time sensing a gap in our client outcomes, we have decided to direct our first research initiatives in the area of teaming:

One of our Researches that contributed to our Back2Work program in our Women Coaching Solutions

Our Founder Director Sripriyaa Venkataraman had a 1:1 with leaders across the Asia Pacific and the results of the study helped us to come up with our back to work offerings for our clients. A structured approach how are clients can facilitate their challenge to return after a sabbatical/break, and how to make a difference even with the break.

Insight Driven Programs

Case Study Approach