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ROI Of Coaching

Organizations have a vested interest to showcase the value of their investments in measureable terms. Oftentimes in the case of coaching, we have observed instances where organizations justify their investment in coaching in high level abstractions rather than insist on specific measures. What they are not aware of is the difference between good coaching and bad coaching – which is what we seek to bridge through our offering.

Sustaining the Impact of Coaching

Through many years of experience and working with thousands of coachees, we have learnt that there are specific measures for every engagement. These measures clearly showcase the coachee’s progress and are also applicable in group coaching engagements.

The experience and expertise we have gained so far, has given our clients the opportunity to track the ROI of coaching, and the business results our coachees have brought to their organisations.

The ROI on coaching is realized at multiple levels:

We seek to work with you to drive coaching ROI across these three levels. Our encouragement to our clients is to approach coaching from a holistic perspective that goes beyond the management, to results, sustenance and growth. The Coachee’s sponsor is at the fulcrum of impacting the ROI for the engagement - their clarity of expectations and outcomes and their commitment to sustenance and enhancement is often the critical factor to achieving ROI in engagements.

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Take the extra effort to reach out to us on empowerme@globalcoachinglab.com - Let us jointly develop a mechanism that would help you to justify the impact of your investment in coaching.