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Rosinski & Company

Global Coaching Lab and Rosinski & Company have established a partnership, based on mutual trust and respect, to offer solutions around GLOBAL LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT. We believe that the future leaders need a more integrated approach to tackle complexities and sustain high performance. Through our partnership, we have been able to:

Philippe Rosinski

I value Global Coaching Lab’s partnership with Rosinski & Company. I have enjoyed cooperating with Sripriyaa Venkataraman and Venkataraman Subramanyan on the worldwide first editions of the public Global Coaching & Leadership Seminars based on my book Global Coaching. I particularly appreciate your vision of leadership in the 21st century, which we share - your spirit of curiosity, innovation and eagerness to make a constructive difference. I am grateful for your interest in my work and your commitment to promote it in unchartered territories. It has been a pleasure to facilitate the seminars together and to work with engaged and remarkable participants. I look forward to expanding our collaboration in the coming years!

-- Philippe Rosinski

The way Venkat, Philippe and Sripriyaa put these perspectives together through the use of multiple media is extremely powerful to makes sense out of Leadership as a subject. Also we learnt that politics is not a negative term – we need to realise its power so that it can serve a purpose. Politics is the process to channelize power in a positive way.

-- Hemant Taneja,
HR Leader

My main experience/learnings during those 3 days were the different dimensions of Leadership and that everything starts with yourself. With the intense 3 days, with different teachers, you really learn the fundamentals of Leadership. Some elements...

-- Wilfred Van Wel,
VP Head of GCO Operations Middle East & Europe, SAP