Senior Leadership Team (SLT) Alignment

Bridge the gap between great strategy and great execution!

Multiple Perspectives on Entrepreneurship, Leadership and People Development
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Multiple Perspectives on Entrepreneurship, Leadership and People Development

The biggest single untapped competitive advantage within organizations is teamwork, the absence of which is exacerbated at the senior leadership team levels. Awareness is not always translated into action and actions do not necessarily translate into long lasting behavioural changes.

The impact to the organization of a group of senior leaders not working together is significant. Sometimes, it results in missed market opportunities, poor execution, low employee engagement and reduced productivity.

In today’s hybrid world of work, it is imperative for the senior leadership team to identify their similarities, appreciate their differences and leverage their diversity to achieve more together.

A leadership team that is aligned successfully helps the business to navigate change, create thriving cultures, and becomes leaders of innovation.

Your leaders are individual champions but underleverage the potential of the collective?
Friction at the top is creating tremors down the line?
Do you witness counterproductive turf wars in your senior leaders?
Do you believe that your senior leadership teams still face are gaps in execution of strategies?
How can your leaders align, break silos and achieve the ambitious growth plans for next 3 years?
How can Promoters and Professionals align& adjust seamlessly to grow the business?
Are you facing challenges with integration and collaboration of a multi- generational leadership team?

How can we help you?


Use the democratic design of a larger purpose that can be inspirational and motivational for the SLT.


Establish trust among SLT members and provide actionable behavioural feedback that allows the team to understand everybody else’s perception.


The design of goals, strategies, measures, metrics and milestones using critical thinking.


Coaching of SLT members so that they could have a safe environment to discuss and deliberate on their important goals.


Leverage group coaching for every SLT member to coach to the team’s progress towards their aspirational goals

What can you achieve?


A cohesive and committed SLT with a greater probability of overachieving the organizational KPIs as against groups masquerading as teams.


A leadership team with strong personal bonds (trust) that helps your teams to collaborate better to achieve results faster.


Leading in a hybrid world with stronger purpose and culture that becomes a magnet for fresh talent.


A leadership team that promotes psychological safety with the teams they lead, allowing for innovation to achieve growth and results.


A leadership team that can demonstrate sustainable management practices (like coaching, encouraging and delegating), that nurtures curious and intrapreneurial mindsets in your talent.

How are your internal processes stifling your external potential?

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