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The global business landscape is rapidly changing now more than ever. A courageous, integrated and resilient leadership is the need of the hour. Organizations are working hard to build leadership talent pools at all levels of the organization, leading to sustainable leadership development practices.

STEP UP is a simple yet sophisticated leadership approach from Global Coaching Lab to address the leadership gaps of this post covid world.

Sustainability, Technology, Ecosystem, People (STEP) will be your key drivers for your future, and courageously explore your Unlimited Potential (UP).

How can your leaders care for People, Planet and Profit while building sustainable businesses?
How can your leaders embrace technology to future proof themselves and their business?
How can your leaders leverage ecosystem and build partnerships to achieve exponential growth?
How can your leaders attract, develop, and retain the right kinds of talent for the future?
How ready is our organization to welcome a new generation of leaders and leadership styles?
What is the impact of leadership on organisational performance?

How can we help you?

We have designed STEP UP to help leaders unleash their potential by focusing on Sustainability, Technology, Ecosystem and People. These are imperative for survival and success.  The journey aims to create leaders who care for the Planet, People and Profit in that sequence. Recent events have taught us the importance for,
  • Caring for the planet yields greater results in the longer term
  • Embracing technology accelerates your ability to innovate
  • An ecosystem approach maximises your chances to survive and thrive
  • People and their productivity get maximized in an environment of sustainability and technology within the ecosystem
Our STEP-UP Leadership engagements leverages a simple leadership framework.
Combined with a set of experiences that helps leaders prioritize and sequence their efforts to drive growth and innovation in their business, with redesigned priorities. The engagement will combine a holistic and integrated delivery style of
  • Expert facilitation adopting group coaching techniques
  • Expert mentoring through digital and virtual sessions
  • The power of combining peer coaching and reverse mentoring approaches to cross-pollinate learnings across a multi-generational workforce in organizations today.

What can you achieve?


Your strategies for the present integrate the possibilities of the future.


Your organizational silos will break down to help you accelerate towards your vision faster.


Your sustainability initiatives for the business will be informed by your responsibilities for the planet.


Technology can become a key lens for your innovation


You will be embracing your ecosystem to create platforms for synergy.


You can unleash the potential and collaboration for your multi-generational workforce.

STEP UP leadership is our effort to integrate disparate pieces of leadership development and organizational strategy into a simple and cohesive framework that helps organizations showcase results through responsibility.

What leadership capabilities are underleveraged in your organization?

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Can STEP UP Leadership help you build proactive leadership pipeline, to be ahead of change?

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