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Student Life Balance


Students, both at school and university are now experiencing a default new order of juggling multiple priorities, and leading a perennial state of overwhelm across their competing and conflicting life roles and priorities.

Students and young adults have to effectively learn the balancing act to manage their stress levels v/s performance. Research* has shown that the current generation of students can highly benefit through a guided approach that can help them identify their life roles, and the correct and right way to prioritise them – To understand how they feel about each life role and how much attention (energy/time) they would like to give to that role at any given time.

*Dr Robyn Young’s ‘Bounce Back’ - 7 insights to help manage life balance.

Students who are unable to strike a balance between life roles and priorities can face multiple levels of challenges as they move into the workforce soon. Some statistics and insights:
Global Generation - A global study on work-life challenges across generations

Our Belief

Some of these studies make us believe that it is imperative that students and young adults need to be exposed and guided to develop a congruence across their choices, priorities, and life roles. We believe that a scientific and tested approach would be hugely beneficial for students to better approach and manage the what and how of life balance.

Our partnership with UBalancer Australia, has reiterated this belief and is helping us touch and transform the lives of students and young adults.

It is important to create balance on the relationship between roles rather than the roles themselves

Some Questions to Think Critically

How do I avoid the life imbalance mistakes committed by my predecessors, influencers and family, to truly become a future leader who has the ability to better manage the complexities ahead?
How do I build diversity even while juggling life roles?
How can I plan to get the best out of my day, week, term and holiday?
Am I aware of how to look at life roles from different perspective and understand how to balance my decisions and choices to the appropriateness of the priorities?
Life is dynamic and constantly changing. How do I make sense of that?


Powerful Life Balance Outcomes for students using a guided and scientific approach

Student Life Matrix