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Sustainable Leadership

People, Profit, Planet

How do you meticulously plan to leave a legacy?

The Context

As there are lots of changes in the megatrends towards people, profits and planet, it has become highly evident that sustainability is the need of the hour

Our Belief

It is our belief that sustainability should become the backbone of leadership, and will be evident through:

Years of experience of dealing with individuals, teams and organisations to help them overcome multiple organisational dysfunctions, has reiterated our focus and belief to ensure a sustainable ecosystem of people, profits and planet.

Some Questions to Think Critically

What practices within your organisation have been adopted by other organisations as a sustainable business practice?
Outside of your employees, customers and partners, who else thinks you are a sustainable organisation?
How would it be if you had a safe environment to reflect, learn and stretch yourself towards long lasting practices and behaviours?
How would it be if you had the access to tools, frameworks, approaches and models that can raise your credibility index from others’ perceptions?
How often do you feel a sense of disconnect and a sense of need to shut down from activities that you engage in life and work?


The ability to create and continuously apply a sustainability mindset to multiple aspects of your life and work.

Graduate from self, to team, to organisational, to global levels. Develop the skillset, capabilities and mindset to evolve as a transformational leader.

To understand, build and showcase tenacity and resilient leadership traits effortlessly.

To be a role model to impact and influence change across various key stakeholders.

To meticulously plan and engage in constructive politics, to handover a long lasting legacy that can meaningfully impact people, profits and planet.

Understanding universal principles and life practices, to align to your larger purpose, and be proud to be high on your life’s Achievement-Fulfilment matrix.