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Team/Group Coaching

Our team and group coaching engagements span across:

1. Leadership Team Alignment

Within most organizations gone are the days of the individual hero - the new normal are team players who can demonstrate their abilities to deliver collective results in a team environment.

We have learnt that group coaching is most effective when applied within the context of a business imperative that cuts across all members of the team. For example: Sales Coaching is most effective when pipeline generation is the area for coaching focus where the entire team can collaborate on how they could collectively increase the pipeline by individually keeping themselves accountable to specific actions and a team rhythm for review and follow-up.

Our experiences in our group coaching sessions have helped the leader and his team gain clarity, alignment and conviction to the vision and desired business results.

2. Sales Team Coaching

We leverage our partnership with Tripura Multinational – whose core competency is sales effectiveness and execution excellence, to bring you Sales Coaching. Clients acknowledge Tripura for using coaching as a fulcrum for change in their sales organisations.

We focus our coaching to help you build business & financial acumen, and high impact executive conversations coupled with a world class methodology which multiplies your ability to control your deals towards closure.

A Guideline for our Group Coaching Engagement

Our group coaching engagements range from 4 hours to 2 days

To develop a customised coaching plan for you or your organisation, email us at  empowerme@globalcoachinglab.com