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Team and Culture Integration

Why mergers and acquisitions fail?

Why are there dysfunctions at a self, team and organisational level?

The Context

According to a report by McKinsey, over 70% of mergers fail to meet the expected synergies of the merger. This can largely be attributed to a lack of cultural integration between the organisations.

According to the Table Group, the largest untapped competitive advantage for organisations is team work. Team members need to build a vocabulary to understand their differences. Moreover, they need to build the skill to leverage those differences to achieve greater synergy.

As organisations restructure to effectively address the multiple changes in their environment, they rely on coalescing multiple teams to achieve their goals more efficiently. The efficiency expectation is often grounded due to the lack of people and culture integration.

Our Belief

It is our belief that great results are delivered by great teams. Every team has the opportunity to become great.

Great teams are created and nurtured through effective leadership that synergises the team across differences. Achieving this level of synergy is a learnt skill. This skill is based on the ability of every team member to understand their individual orientation, and the cultural orientation of others so that they are able to set and meet mutual commitments.

Some Questions to Think Critically

How are you leveraging cultural awareness in your Business – for your Mergers, Acquisitions, Joint Ventures and Partnerships to integrate faster and deliver more?
Are your managers and leaders able to survive and thrive in their interaction with multiple cultures across the globe?
Do you have teams that perform beyond your expectations, for whom you could describe their cultural orientation?
Does every team member know how to leverage their differences with others?
Do you have a vocabulary to describe how every person in your team is different?


Assess the level of clarity and alignment from an individual, team and organisational perspective.

Build a vocabulary to understand differences and develop strategies to constructively leverage these differences.

Discover hidden opportunities by leveraging others’ differences.

Discover the differences that are holding your team back.

Discover the orientations that can help you multiply your performance.

Build action plans to drive more synergy within your team.