Testimonials - Sripriyaa Venkataraman

"It was an enriching experience to have Priya as a coach; she is much focussed and is fast to catch on to the situation and need. She also was a good sounding board to me, being in a new country & start up company. Our interactions have been eye openers in many areas for me. Even though many of the calls did not have planned agenda but end of call, I did have many meaning points to ponder. Overall an enjoyable and meaningful learning experience."

J Abraham Anand- Country Manager PT Shriram Seed Indonesia

Clear the clutter before the start of the meeting is a tool really helps to build the focus of the meeting. Your unique insight given with very keen observations have really helped me to understand the perspective of leaders better. Your style of coaching comes handy especially your courage to treated difficult topics. Please continue this in the future. Once again thank you Priya.

J V Ratnam, Country Manger Bioseed Vietman

"When I received coaching from Priya I had just launched a new part of my businesses and its corresponding website. I was struggling with ideas on how to market the website in order to get business. Priya took time to understand exactly what my problem was and helped me to work through to action point (with deadlines) which I could put in place. I have already started to work on them. Priya's style was professional, open and she did not allow me to hide from answering the awkward / hard questions. She was able to tell when I was trying to skirt an issue and made hold myself accountable. It was also my first time being coached via Skype by a coached in a different country. It was incredibly useful to get a cross cultural view of my issues. Highly recommend Priya and would not hesitate to use again."

Kirsty Robb - Business Coach, Outplacement & Career Consultant and owner of KER Consulting

"I had the pleasure of being coaches by Sripriyaa during the summer of 2012. She assisted me with a cross cultural issue I had been dealing with, and was not sure how to handle. I found her to be a warm and patient person, and she made me feel comfortable during our entire session. I just needed to get a few things off my chest, and I believe she could sense that's what I needed, and she let me vent. She then asked me just the right questions to help me visualize my situation in a more positive light which I greatly appreciated. I came away feeling much better just by having spoken with her. I would recommend Sripriyaa to anyone who wants to get back on the right track because she will help you get there."

Michelle Lee - Certified Life Coach & Owner at Relish Your Life Now, LLC