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“ Venkat is a role model and has real passion for people development. As an accomplished business executive, he finds ways to transfer his profound knowledge in business strategy, transformation and execution in a way that creates value and drives business results. His presence in the room and ability to drive the group dynamics is outstanding. He leaves long lasting impressions on every person that participate in his training and coaching sessions. It has been a privilege working with Venkat, and I can highly recommend him to any organization that is looking to create long lasting impact on their business results. ”

Tatiana OHM

Vice president and General manager southeast asia, Kellyocg

On empowering women into leadership

“ I think the best decision I took was to come to this workshop. Life is like a race, and you start with On Your Marks, Get Set and then Go. For the longest time I would feel I'm still on Get Set. What I'm taking away from this workshop is that today my GO starts! ”

Monisha Dewan

Executive Director - Associate Hotels India

CEO & Founder – Everything Sales

On Global Coaching & Leadership Seminar

“It's not all about you, its about your ecosystem – how do you go back and implement these learnings, these insights within the teams that you are managing and trying to share those insights ensuring all people around you start following those. Ensuring physical wellness for you and your team in of paramount importance. And its not only about fitness, but the wellness of your mind, body, and soul.”

Sunil Munshi

CEO Denave, India

CEO & Founder – Everything Sales

On Global Coaching & Leadership Seminar

“In my aquaculture operation, we are stuck in the day to day of what needs to be done – We firefight on a daily basis. I never had the chance to reflect or take a helicopter view and try to rationalize people’s behavior and the weaknesses in the organization. This 3 day workshop really enlightened me from that perspective – there is a science behind management!”

Eng Ahmad Alballa

MD, National Aquaculture Group, UAE

On Global Coaching & Leadership Seminar

“ My main learnings during those 3 days were the different dimensions and fundamentals of Leadership and that everything starts with yourself. Some elements you already know, other competencies were completely new and I became conscious how incompetent I was on these aspects. There was a good blend of theory and practice. I didn’t only learn from the facilitators, but also learned a lot from my peers in the program. ”

Wilfred Van Wel

VP Head of GCO operations, Middle East & Europe, SAP

On Global Coaching & Leadership Seminar

“ This workshop has enabled our women leaders to empower themselves to achieve their next level of leadership. The interconnection of multiple perspectives, the tailoring of the workshop to our unique needs at EY, and the multiple, powerful experiences within the workshop is transformational for leaders. We are looking forward to expanding our engagement to include more leaders within our Firm to benefit from this powerful experience. ”

Sandeep Kohli

National Director HR, Ernst & Young, India

On empowering women into leadership

“ Empowering Women Leadership is a one of its kind of a workshop that tackles multiple perspectives of leadership; Physical, Cultural, Psychological, Political, Spiritual and the Managerial. The beautiful blending of all perspectives in an interactive and engaging way to draw out the message is the strength of the program. I would highly recommend the workshop not only for women but men as well! The cohort that attended this two day workshop found it to be very helpful and thought provoking, it pushed them into seeing and doing the same things differently. ”

Monica Dhar

General Manager, Reliance Industries, India

On empowering women into leadership