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The 12 Powerful Leadership Archetypes

Stand up and stand differentiated in every situation.


A great leader is one person, but with many strong characteristics.

A curious explorer who seeks new opportunities for themselves and for their teams to grow, a creator who finds innovative ways to deliver the best outcome, a caregiver who is empathetic to their team members, an innocent who is not afraid of showcasing vulnerabilities, a ruler while defending their subjects and so on. These different faces that the leader wears each day are called Archetypes

In this course, we explore the 12 archetypes that can elevate your leadership and personality to the next level.

In Focus

As a high-potential talent you may have heard ‘You have great potential’ from your Customers, Stakeholders, Managers and Colleagues. As soon as you were done enjoying that moment of glory, you must have wondered:

‘How do I make the best out of the great potential that I know I have?’

This course is your answer. 

12 Archetypes

The answer to 'how' you can tap into your infinite potential.

Real-Time Learning

4 Expert coaches discuss & offer perspectives on the visual case study 'Recalibrating Brand Betty'.

From the Start to the Pinnacle of your Leadership Journey

Explore the Archetypes that are associated with the Physical, Managerial, Psychological, Political, Cultural and Spiritual aspects of your leadership journey.

Meet your instructor


Sripriyaa Venkataraman

Sripriyaa is motivated to leverage the power of Archetypes to design learning experiences that can transform individuals, leaders and global communities. She is keen to define some new narratives to leadership learning by exploring arts and culture. She is the Director of Innovation and Partnerships at Global Coaching Lab.

Course Outline


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Tapping into your unlimited potential is now achievable.

Controlling how your mind perceives scenarios and learning how to manipulate your mind to think and act the way you want to is a great skill to have. Understanding the 12 Leadership Archetypes is the best foundation to build that skill.

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