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The Negotiation Blueprint for Success

Don't just win. Aim for win-win at the negotiation table.


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Negotiation is a skill that tests the capabilities of even the most seasoned  professionals. Cunning tactics or manipulation seldom work at a negotiation table. The best outcome is one in which all the involved parties collaborate to find value in moving forward.

We are all aware that Preparation is step 1 but veterans can tell you that it’s not easy to prepare when the probabilities vary with every move. Your best bet is to be methodical throughout the various stages of a Negotiation. 

The Negotiation Blueprint for Success can be your GPS as you navigate through the tricky terrains of negotiation. When you walk in with the right approach and move away from wanting to stand your ground towards willing to share the ground, it’s even possible to find more value than what you had initially planned for.

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Who is this course for?


Senior Managers & Managers

Not just in board room meetings or client contracts, the ability to negotiate well can help senior managers manage their people better as well.



Get the most value for your business while finding common ground with the supplier/vendor thereby improving your supplier relationships.


Senior Executives

From salary negotiations to staking your claim up the ladder, learning to negotiate brings you clarity in your options and builds confidence.

Why should you invest in this course?

35 Videos & 04 Assignments

Explore concepts in depth. Test your understanding by taking the assessments at the end of each module.

Real-Life Scenarios & Use Cases

The science and art of negotiation presented with real life examples and day-to-day scenarios.

Understand & Implement in One Go

Easy to understand and immediately implementable concepts and strategies. Do as you learn!

Meet your instructor


Anuj Jagannathan

Anuj Jagannathan is the author of the Amazon bestseller Negotiation Quotient and We Can Negotiate Too!. His keen interest in negotiation and a passion for teaching and writing has led him to host webinars and workshops on negotiation across the world, and write books, blogs and articles. He also hosts webinars or training on negotiation for kids and young adults. He also writes blogs and articles on happiness, personal development and success.

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