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Exploring Personal Branding through the Creator-Narrator Continuum

The Creator Narrator Continuum - Global Coaching Lab - Personal Branding Research

How do you stand out while trying to fit in?

We understand that personal and professional growth is deeply intertwined with our interconnected roles in various ecosystems, whether in a family, organization, or the global community. In a world teeming with aspirations and potential, we recognize that each individual is on a unique journey to make a significant impact both in their personal sphere and the wider community. This project is not just for a select few; it embraces everyone who believes in their potential to grow and contribute meaningfully to the world.

With the increasing focus on personal branding and social networking, it’s evident that people are gaining immense exposure. However, the question remains: can one truly build a lasting brand through short-term engagements?

Personal Identity Project Report and Playbook

At Global Coaching Lab, we believe that crafting a personal brand goes beyond just cognitive and non-cognitive strategies. It requires an integration of creative and spiritual processes, emphasizing the journey as much as the destination.

Our ‘Personal Identity Project’ is designed as an eventful, creative, and action-oriented journey. It is a 2-stage process.


As a continuation, in the second stage, you will invest a little time every week traversing through various aspects that make you ‘YOU’. This is the PERSONAL IDENTITY PROJECT PLAYBOOK

The Personal Identity Project (PIP) is not solely about constructing a brand but about immersing oneself in the process of authentic brand building. This approach aligns with our holistic vision of leadership development, where personal growth and brand creation are seen as intertwined paths leading to self-discovery and impactful leadership.

This project is more than just a pursuit of personal branding in a competitive landscape; it’s an exploration of one’s unique identity within a collective purpose.

The purpose of this study is fourfold:

5 reasons you should invest your time in the
Personal Identity Project


Dive into the Creator-Narrator Continuum

In the ever-evolving landscape of personal branding, two critical dimensions emerge as paramount:
Self Awareness & Audience Engagement

Self-awareness, in the context of personal branding, refers to an individual’s understanding of their unique attributes, strengths, and values.

Audience engagement refers to the communication and interaction between the individual and their audience, which may include family, friends, colleagues, clients, employers, followers and the broader public.

These abovesaid dimensions correspond to the roles of the individual as both the creator and the narrator of their personal brand. 

the creator global coaching lab personal branding research
As the CREATOR, an individual is the architect of their personal brand.
the narrator - global coaching lab - personal branding research
The NARRATOR is the storyteller, the voice of the personal brand.



Explore the Avian Archetypes 

In the journey of personal branding, the interplay between the roles of the creator and the narrator takes centre stage. This forms the basis of the AVIAN ARCHETYPES OF PERSONAL BRANDING – a framework that visualizes the roles of an individual as both the creator and the narrator of their personal brand.

parrot avian archetype global coaching lab personal branding research

The Parrot Archetype

Hallmark: Engagement & Adaptability

peacock - avian archetype - global coaching lab - personal branding research

The Peacock Archetype

Hallmark: Mastery of presentation & influence

pigeon avian archetype global coaching lab personal branding research

The Pigeon Archetype

Hallmark: Emergence & potential

penguin - avian archetype - global coaching lab - personal branding research

The Penguin Archetype

Hallmark: Unique identity & community focus

Prepare for a Non-linear & Dynamic Journey

Our framework recognizes the dynamic nature of personal branding. The goal is not to transition from one archetype to another in a linear fashion but to understand and leverage the strengths of each stage.

Just as no two birds have the same flight pattern, no two individuals have the same personal branding journey. It’s this uniqueness that adds colour and makes the journey worthwhile.
Plotting the flight path - global coaching lab - personal branding project


The ‘Who Am I?’ Gallery

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Powerful Questions to Help You Reflect

Coming together of the Creator Narrator Avatar Global coaching lab 1
What do others see in you that you do not readily acknowledge in yourself?
What can you learn from the most curious person whom you have ever met?
How can you develop the art of seeing what others don’t?
How do others describe the core components of my character?
What will motivate you to walk towards conflict more often?
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Playbook to help you stay the course of this creative and spiritual journey

Week 5
Are you ready to tell a story?
Week 10
Explore the limits of your boundaries
Week 18
Artefacts that best describe you
Week 21
The concept of the inner child
Week 25
The creator & explorer archetypes
Week 29
How did your mindset change a situation?
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The Creator Narrator Continuum - Global Coaching Lab - Personal Branding Research

Engage in an eye-opening ‘bipartite’ journey.

Explore the Personal Identity Project Report and Playbook to arrive intentionally and indelibly at destination YOU.

Meet the presenters


Sripriyaa Venkataraman

Director - Innovation, Tripura Multinational & Global Coaching Lab

smitha pip page

Dr. Smitha Ranganathan

Teaching Faculty, S P Jain School of Global Management

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