The Sacred Corridor of Leadership

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Unleashing the Power of Vulnerability in Leadership
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Women work hard to move up the corporate ladder. And their journey to leadership is complex climb over multiple walls to Arrive, Strive and Thrive as a leader they deserve to be.

Our WOW Factors (Women of the World in Leadership) Report presents insights that helps re-frame the prowess and possibilities for women to lead in a VUCA world.

The Spirit of WOW Factors

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WOW Factors is a qualitative study drawing narratives from 26 women with a combined experience of 750 life years. and a myriad of industries.
WOW Factors is an endeavour to inspire women of the world to navigate through the corridors of leadership powerfully.

Study Highlights ​

Predictors of Leadership – The study unearths a range of catalysts and inhibitors that play a key role in the women aspiring for leadership roles. While catalysts include but are not limited to childhood conditioning and exposure, at least seven kinds of biases were seen to impede growth and aspiration among women.

Phases in Leadership – The study highlights three critical milestones in the journey of a woman leader, these are plotted as – Arrive, Strive and Thrive. Each of these milestones signify a different set of priorities and coping mechanisms across these phases.

  1. Arrive – represents the key differentiators aspiring women leaders focus on to access leadership roles.
  2. Strive – focuses on mechanisms to navigate through the web of expectations women leaders deal while leading.
  3. Thrive – delves on ways to remain inspired both at the personal front and the organizational context. Building on the skills and capabilities that would help them step up to the next rung of leadership potential.
Postulating the Leadership Geometry – The Sacred Corridor WOW Factors study traces the journey of senior women leaders and presents the outcome as a model titled The Sacred Corridor – inspired by the tantric artefact Sri Chakra.  The Sacred Corridor is conceived based on the intuitive expressions of women leaders and the recursive nature of their experiences. Represented as three concentric ‘Circuits of Excellence’, corresponding to a realm of reality that punctuates their journey. Each circuit of excellence signifies a specific stage in the journey that brings with it distinct set of priorities and challenges. The leadership journey begins at the outer circuit of excellence that acts as the Portals of Entry, progressing towards the mediating circuit that serve as Rituals of Passage to reach the inner circuit that represents the Sanctum of Possibilities.

Study Leaders

The facilitators of WoW Factors study represent the proverbial interface between industry and academia, enabling ploughing of insights of value across corporate corridors and university quadrangles to similar extents. 


Venkataraman Subramanyan

CEO, Tripura Multinational & Global Coaching Lab | Forbes Coaches Council

"I believe women are force multipliers"


Sripriyaa Venkataraman

Director - Innovation, Tripura Multinational & Global Coaching Lab

"I believe in the intuitive capabilities of women"


Dr. Smitha Ranganathan

Teaching Faculty - S P Jain School of Global Management Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore, Sydney

"When women acknowledge that we represent the Higher Consciousness, our potential to create and nurture to innately is unparalleled.

What are the pathways that lead to the sanctum of possibilities for your women leaders?

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6 questions every woman professional should ask their manager

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