Think like a leader

To achieve new and differentiated results, managers need to think differently.

Business leaders can make the most of ‘frugality’ — the latest trend — during recession
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Business leaders can make the most of ‘frugality’ — the latest trend — during recession

Managers work hard to climb up the ladder and through their tenure, they fall back on ‘what worked’ instead of thinking about ‘what could be’ new and different.

Today’s business environment requires a curious frame of mind to experiment with multiple modes of thinking to tackle multiple challenges. The multigenerational workforce and hybrid models of working calls for managers to think and act like leaders.

Managers benefit from greater empowerment to take faster and better decision to act with agility and adaptability to business and people challenges. Managers ability to inspire and motivate teams, plus acts as catalysts of change, is becoming imminent.

Therefore organisations need to develop their people orchestrators aka managers to think and act like a leader.

How can independent achievers who are promoted as managers, become “true managers” who can manage teams and lead them into the future?
How can managers embrace different modes of thinking to manage effectively in this VUCA & BANI world?
How can our managers learn to take better decisions by applying convergent, divergent, and lateral modes of thinking to complex business and people situations?
How can managers inspire and motivate a multigenerational talent?
How are managers ready to face adversities and crisis and act with strength, grit and compassion?
How can managers learn to appreciate and leverage diversity in people and teams to harness the full potential of teams to achieve results?

How can we help you?

Think Like A Leader is a uniquely designed program to help leaders move from a conventional traditional thinking mindset to a more dynamic, agile and curious way of thinking.

We help your leaders to think differently and ahead of the times. Leaders learn the art and science to develop multi-dimensional thinking. We leverage the power of psychology and case studies to help managers understand the current modes of thinking to appreciate other modes of thinking to tackle complexities.

This forward thinking will help them and the organization to be ahead of the change rather than moving along the change.

This program also presents options to beautifully blends emotional and diversity intelligences through the medium of dance, music, voice and theatre to bring out the best modes of thinking for your leaders.

What can you achieve?


Your managers learn to move away from incestual and traditional ways to embrace and appreciate newer modes of thinking to solve problems.


Your managers learn the art of managing down, across and up, thereby building more effectiveness to results they achieve together.


Your managers learn the art and science to feedback and feedforward conversations that helps team members gain clarity and embrace change better.


Your managers learn the power of vocabulary to articulate differences in people. This empowers them to leverage team members differences and sequence them to achieve business results.


Your managers learn to think and act like leaders, through the mindset shifts – Learning the power of strength, endurance, flexibility, balance and agility in managing teams they serve.

What aspects of leadership is keeping your leaders in the same place?


Are your managers equipped to truly manage with a leadership and growth mindset?

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