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UBalancer Australia

Global Coaching Lab is proud to partner with UBalancer Australia to introduce a unique life balance coaching tool in our Indian market. Balancer is a unique ad powerful cloud based coaching tool that lends science to the art of coaching. it enables deep, diagnostic, rich and powerful and measurable conversations that allow both the coach and the coachee to maximize the value of their time together.

The sophisticated technology behind UBalancer allows the program to be customised for various applications including Education(Student), Business (Work) and Sport (Sports Professionals) and for anyone else in Life (custom version of UBalancer)


UBalancer Coaching is proud to welcome Global Coaching Lab to our global coaching network. The relationship between UBalancer Coaching and Global Coaching Lab has grown and developed over time, and collaborating together into the future creates an exciting opportunity for Life balance coaching in India to expand. Under the guidance of Sripriyaa Venkataraman, a trained UBalancer coach with a wealth of coaching expertise, UBalancer concepts and philosophies in the field of Life balance will be well represented.

- Director UBalancer Coaching Pty Ltd

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