Overcoming Unconscious Bias

Create a thriving culture by overcoming unconscious biases within teams

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Why conversations on Unconscious Bias are more important than ever for Equity, Diversity & Inclusion?

Teams have the potential to thrive, when they have freedom from judgement. Team members come with varied experiences that forces them to take biased decisions. Investigating the root cause of individual biases and exploring how they affect their  everyday life and work, helps team members to collectively raise the overall team culture, inclusivity and performance.

Are you carrying the past baggage in your mind which impedes your progress in the present?
How can you enhance value multipliers and reduce value killers by overcoming personal bias and hidden bias in team interactions?
If everybody else perception is one’s reality- How can we perceive others right without coloured glass?
How can you make a conscious attempt to uncover the unconscious bias in the workplace and develop mechanisms to overcome them?
How can you foster inclusive teams to deliver higher order business outcomes?
How can you build a team culture that transcends individual beliefs and biases?

Understanding the science behind bias

Human beings often fail to understand irrational behaviours, both in themselves and others. We fail to understand why we behave in a certain manner or why someone else behaved in a certain way.

In order to understand and address biases, once needs to understand the way the unconscious mind works and how the body reacts to cope with the unconscious behaviours. The powerful works by many psycho-analysts in the space of Ego Defence Mechanisms helps individuals and teams to understand biases and address them effectively, to enhance performance.

How can we help you?

We understand that an individual needs to increase their awareness to their reactions to different situations and different stakeholders.

Deep reflection and identifying the inherent biases within every individual, helps them to work on planned approaches to overcome hard wired biases. Global Coaching Lab facilitators adopt a coaching approach in the workshop posing powerful questions along with customised case studies, which will help the participants to think and gain awareness about what is holding them back and discover effective strategies to improve their overall team effectiveness.

We help you become aware of your biases through psychological discussions
We help you stop functioning on autopilot mode and challenge your beliefs in a safe environment
We guide you to take proactive and conscious objective decisions free of biases.

What can you achieve?


Your leaders will now be in a better position to put the diversity ad inclusion goals of the organization and perform more holistically and sustainably as teams.


Your leaders will now understand the concept of safe work spaces that promotes a fearless culture that support the display of vulnerability.


Your leaders will now be able to take decisions and problem solve more holistically, as they are aware of their unconscious biases and its impact on others.


Your teams are able to collaborate better and are all set to achieve higher order results free of guilt and judgements.


Your teams are able to blend better and work with multi generational workforces with ease, achieving business results faster.


Trust quotient will also increase significantly between your teams, leading to greater innovation and higher productivity.

What unconscious biases lie unaddressed within your organization?

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