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“Working for the sales organization of SAP, one of my challenges was to get our new quota carriers to close deals in a very short time frame! That's when I met Venkat and he helped me to execute our plan to perfection. His genuine positive attitude and his ability to connect with our sales teams, helped them to familiarize with world class sales techniques that gave them an assurance of a sale and not deviating much on discounting levels. His workshops will make even the most experienced salesperson "rethink" their sales approach!" Thank You! ”

Patson Jose

Value University Lead - India SAP

“Thank you for pushing my boundaries to make me great! You have mastery in asking questions that I try to learn from you. Your background in business combined with your soft skills creates great value for us as coachees.”

Sales Leader from Europe

Venkataraman Subramanyam

Co-Founder And Executive Coach

“I really appreciate Venkat for his time – he is full of talent and is an excellent coach. He has a balanced and excellent communication style. He is able to challenge the coachee just enough to keep the person uncomfortable which is needed from time to time. I look forward to more coaching sessions with Venkat in the future.”

Sales leader from Asia

“Relentless! Energizing! Honest! Venkat forced me to ask myself the tough and important questions. He pushed me to rethink my boundaries and made me believe I can cross barriers. Helped me tremendously in having "frank discussions" with my direct reportees. I understood the value of coaching and feel I need to be the coach to motivate and energize my team.”

Business Unit leader

A Fortune 50 telecom Major

“I cannot forget Venkat who changed my perspective on work & life. I feel great to have you as a coach – someone with high energy and clarity of thinking, which is highly contagious. Through I felt exhausted to answer some of the tough thought provoking questions, over a period of time I realized it is only helping me to become a better person. During this tenure I have gained great feedback on presentations & meetings. I admire the style in which you stimulate and nurture the skills to focus on the goals. I still am surprised, how quickly time moves. Thanks for your coaching, support & guidance.”


The Healthcare vertical for one the Top 3IT companies in India