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Understand your Voice, Build your Identity, Define your Purpose

Putting it into Perspective

Every year there are about 100 million graduating students globally. You are no longer one in a million, you are one in a 100 million!

In 2016, PayScale surveyed 63,924 managers on what they felt were the skills that graduating students lacked: In the same survey, PayScale found that of all the students they interviewed, about 25% felt that were “extremely prepared” for their new jobs while only 8% of the managers felt that they were.

There exists a clear gap between the skills graduating students have developed, and those they need to succeed at their new job and in life. Adding the high competition that exists due to high demand but less supply of jobs, what can students do to stand out?

Our Approach

We deem it our responsibility to groom future leaders, to empower them to bridge the gap that exists, connecting their Education to their Profession with Passion.

Through this program, they will gain the Toolset, Skillset and Mindset to stand out in the business world after a successful education, in the right kind of job with opportunities for them to excel in. We will look at it from three perspectives:

Using the VOICE that they everyone is gifted with to work for them, getting the results that they truly deserve
Developing their ability to create their IDENTITY – an experience that makes others want to know more
Enabling them to find their True North – identifying their purpose will give them the direction to follow to achieve fulfilment in everything that they do