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Amplifying your voice, Empowering your identity, Discovering Your Purpose

Perspectives on amplifying our voices and realigning hiring expectations from a HR leader
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Perspectives on amplifying our voices and realigning hiring expectations from a HR leader

In today’s VUCA world, the successful and smart enterprises are those that leverage the power of diversity to drive innovation. The least common denominator for diversity and paradoxically its greatest common multiplier is gender diversity. There is so much untapped potential that women professionals possess – organizations that can invest into increasing and empowering their diverse talent, are the ones that are poised to secure their future.

It is our belief that women hold tremendous potential. We believe that with the right knowledge, skills, and resources any woman can become her best. Our VIP Women program is an investment for every woman to attain her true potential.

Are you silenced from speaking in meetings?
Are you worried about the consequences of saying ‘No’ to projects?
As a woman in leadership, how can you advance your leadership and lead teams?
How can women enhance skills in key areas of strategic orientation and market understanding?
How can women strengthen their strategic orientation if they never participate in any planning discussions or strategic projects?
How can we ensure that women are equally represented in the top echelons of corporations?
How to discover meaning and purpose to lead fulfilling lives?

How can we help you?

Our specially curated VIP engagement helps women professionals to hone critical competencies, develop team leadership and find the confidence to voice their needs, create their identity and strive towards their purpose and live their dream.

There are three components of a woman’s potential that will be developed during this engagement – Voice, Identity, and Purpose.

Voice refers to the set of abilities that sets women leaders apart.

Constraints around voice covers the unconscious biases, environmental biases and self-limiting beliefs that hold women back and helps them successfully navigate the path to gain control within.

The Control of voice explores connections between the body and voice to get what one desires in multiple stressful situations.

The amplification of Voice is crucial as women grow from being an individual contributor to a manager to a leader. The ability to navigate conflict, politics and networking along with situational fluency will help women advance their leadership.

Identity is another important component of  Leadership Brand. This section of the workshop covers the foundations, pillars, accelerators, and multipliers for women to build their unique fingerprint and establish their brand with clarity and alignment.

Purpose is the True North. The alignment of the current performance, future potential and life purpose is key, as women leaders seek happiness and fulfilment in their lives and nurture possibilities for their ecosystem.

We specifically call these programs as interventions as it combines workshops, coaching, mentoring and projects to translate intention to action to results for women to move courageously into leadership.

What can you achieve?


Your women professionals will  go back richer, with the specific know how on how to overcome personal, team and organizational challenges through the power of their Voice


Your leaders will be better equipped to handle their self-limiting beliefs and address the unconscious biases and environmental biases they encounter.


Your women talent will gain the mindset, skillset, and toolset to observe and handle others’ irrational behaviours.


Your women talent will become more situationally fluent and manage their teams by breaking dysfunctions and learning the art of managing up.


Your women leaders will reflect on their purpose in life – and gain some clarity and direction on their life’s meaning. This is essential since they need to be aligned to their larger purpose of your life to plan their career milestones, and achieve them.

Does acknowledging your inner battles make you feel powerful or vulnerable?

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