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Your Voice, Your Identity, Your Purpose


There is an interesting framework developed at McKinsey – Centred Leadership, an initiative to help professional women at McKinsey and elsewhere to learn what drives and sustains successful female professionals and leaders.

Source: http://www.mckinsey.com/global-themes/leadership/centered-leadership-how-talented-women-thrive

This interesting interconnected framework, suggests that for the world to see more successful women leaders, the focus needs to start at the centre, which is the self. Every woman has to truly feel the empowerment arise from within her, just as the famous adage - success happens twice, once in your head and again in reality. Therefore, for women to be successful woman leader, or an empowered individual, or engaging in meaningful pursuits of excellence - all begins with every woman giving themselves the permission to have their unique Voice, Identity and Purpose. This sets the foundation for women empowerment upon which other aspects and dimensions can be built and leveraged upon.

Our Belief

Having taken inspiration from McKinsey’s Centred Leadership, and coaching women professionals and leaders across Asia, we believe that women empowerment can benefit from a structured workshop which differentiates itself from not being motivational ‘sugar spikes’ around this topic. This belief, led us to create a workshop which was motivational yet experiential and action oriented, to help address the fundamental need – Voice, Identity and Purpose, unique for every woman with a will to create her personal excellence mark in this world.

Some Questions to Think Critically

How many of you are compelled and motivated enough to understand your achievement potential and fulfilment potential?
How many of you are motivated enough to feel synchronicity between who you are versus others’ perceptions of you?
How many of you feel the need to successfully flex the impact of your voice?
How many of you feel the gap in your communication to get things done?
How many of you feel that there is a perennial conflict between what you want vis-à-vis what you get – personally or professionally?


Through this program’s blended approach you will have:

The definitive ability and plan to reduce the gap between your internal aspirations and external perceptions.

Specific skillsets and toolsets that will help you address and manage conflicts (personal/professional) confidently with grit and control.

Access to frameworks that you can apply immediately for visible results, for creating your unique identity.

Clearly open-up the path to your higher order achievements and fulfilments– taking the first step to define your meaning, purpose and unity.

The environment and support to assess your life’s vertical coherence from where you are today to where you want to be in life.

The opportunity to work with an ecosystem of continuous support and reinforcement will help you to land the learnings.

Your voice, your identity with your purpose, a foundational gateway to accelerating and multiplying your purpose in this world.

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