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Move away from the epidemic of excuses to the pandemic of possibilities – Venkataraman Subramanyan

People @ The Center

At Global Coaching Lab, we believe that
Possible starts with People. If we can solve for people
and their potential, then problems and possibilities can be
more easily addressed.

  • What we know now is woefully inadequate for what we should be
    in the future.
  • The advent of advanced technologies means that connection,
    creativity, and correlation will trump logic,
    reasoning, and analysis
  • The team and the ecosystem become more important than the
    individual and their expertise.
  • Leadership gets redefined more often and dynamic leaders need a
    tapestry of perspective and possibilities that can help them
    manage in the grey.
  • Inputs on innovation will be less respected than the outputs achieved
    through diversity, inclusion, and sustainability.


Over the past decade, we have discovered a few principles that possess the ability to amplify the impact of engagement - One such capability is the Power of Coaching.

At Global Coaching Lab, we have leveraged coaching to transform the lives of thousands of managers, leaders, teams, and organizations.

Distilled from these engagements, are a few principles that we observed to be most effective in bringing out the best in people while leveraging the power of coaching:

  • Chemistry is important, Diversity even more: In a coaching engagement, the chemistry between the coach and the coachee is important. It is even more important to invest in the diversity between the coach and the coachee so that the "clarity of distance" allows for a deeper and broader conversation that achieves more for the coachee.
  • Feedback is the breakfast of champions: if everybody else's perception is your reality, then every coachee needs to have the benefit of gaining incisive feedback from critical stakeholders, so that they plan around "outside-in" perceptions, in addition to "inside-out" beliefs and biases.
  • Multiple lenses, multiple perspectives, multiple possibilities: The VUCA environment requires leaders to "reframe" their reality to identify unaddressed opportunities and vulnerabilities. Using multiple different lenses and perspectives helps the coachees to "stretch" their thinking to come up with newer and better options for progressing against their goals. Some of the perspectives include physical, managerial, cultural, psychological, political, and spiritual, including multiple archetypes.
  • The importance of critical thinking: We use specific ‘critical thinking’ formats to help coachees land their aspirations and execution plans in the common language of money, KPI and measurement. This helps them connect the dots between goals, strategies, milestones, metrics, measures, and actions
  • Framework - supported conversations - Frameworks leverage universal principles and deepen thinking. We situationally use frameworks to help coachees stretch their thinking when they hit a roadblock in their thinking.
  • Coaching in an environment of ‘Constructive Tension’: Our coaches have the backbone to challenge lazy thinking, inadequate stretch and missing accountability and believe in the power of having hard conversations in a soft way. We have discovered that an environment of constructive tension helps coachees achieve more in less time during their sessions

The amplification of coaching is achieved through expert facilitation. This facilitation revolves around three key areas:

  • Address common skill gaps identified either through the coaching engagement or through an independent assessment.
  • Building the over -all capability for groups to become teams and for teams to cross boundaries and for organizations to work with their ecosystem.
  • Build leaders with the ability to think holistically on their challenges and aspirations by interconnecting a set of perspectives.

Customers acknowledge us for our ability to drive clear ROI
for their leadership and coaching investments.

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Executive Coaching – Customer Acknowledgment

I consider it my privilege to have been coached by one of the best in the industry.
Venkat is totally committed to my success, which has helped me, in turn, be committed to the sessions as well. I believe Venkat has the gift of knowing/understanding people at a very deep level which he then uses to bring out the best in them. The insights Venkat brings into conversations are invaluable. Venkat’s ability to break down complex theories into simple, relatable, statements is awe-inspiring. I thank Venkat for the time he invested in me and helping me become a much better person (both professionally and personally) than when I started with him. Leader AWS, EY GDS

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Customer Engagement Scenario | Group / Team Coaching

Coaching the development of a quality three-year plan

What potential outcomes have
customers achieved?

  • Consistent feedback from organizations whose leaders we have coached has been that their leaders have now been promoted or demonstrably playing at the next level of their potential.
  • Customers also tell us that their leaders who missed key promotion opportunities are now enjoying expanded responsibilities through the power of our coaching engagement.
  • Leaders acknowledge that they now have a simple yet sophisticated framework for them to address their current and future challenges.
  • Women leaders acknowledge their increased ability to engage with confidence, greater political savvy, and their proactive ability to build and leverage their network.
  • Leadership teams acknowledge that they are now able to operate with a greater level of trust, transparency, clarity, commitment, and accountability on account of our expert facilitation of their various group meetings
  • Merging organizations have acknowledged our ability to build their cross-cultural intelligence. In addition, they also acknowledge how a greater awareness of their similarities and differences are helping them sequence their strengths to achieve more together.
  • Organizations acknowledge us for helping them build a coaching culture by working with their leaders to move from the appreciation of coaching to the application of coaching in real life organizational situations.
  • Specific Service Lines and organizations are acknowledging their ability to have distinct and differentiated client conversations on account of our ability to empower them with business acumen, financial acumen, and differentiated client conversations.
  • Leaders have consistently acknowledged their ability to leverage the Power of Archetypes, in bonding the power of the rational and emotional to achieve more in every interaction.

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