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The Lion needs no introduction in the jungle.
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As the demands on leadership grows, leaders need to learn the ability to achieve through influence. An important component of influence is Executive Presence. Loosely defined, it is what the leader communicates even without a word being said. It is this awareness and appreciation of this physical and psychological aspects of presence that elevates leaders to their full potential.

Capacity and capability without executive presence is just stagnation.

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Leaders who have significantly built up their Executive Presence by engaging with us acknowledge us for the following:


Their heightened awareness on how their physique forms the foundation for their presence.


They are surprised on how the psychological aspects of presence are important to sustain and heighten their gravitas.


How their greater awareness of their mindsets helped them adopt a correct archetype to maximize their ability to handle tough situations.


How coaching provided them with an environment of positivity, possibility and potential for them to experiment, reflect and then reframe their presence.

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How do we engage?

Our engagements typically involve a workshop followed by executive coaching. During the workshop, leaders learn important aspects of their physical presence. Elements like strengths, endurance, flexibility, balance and breath are highlighted in order for the leader to build their gravitas.

On this foundation, the psychological aspects of presence are built. Aspects of humility, authenticity, mindfulness and synchronicity are covered in order for the leaders presence to amplify the presence of those around him / her. This heightened state of awareness is now leveraged during our coaching sessions to ensure that the leader consciously applied what they have learnt.

Archetypes are now brought into play to ensure that leaders now become situationally fluent to choose their mindset to maximize their presence.

Client Engagement Scenarios
Helps you better understand the depth of our engagements

  • How the mouse became the lion – Elevating Executive Presence

Customer Situation

A newly elevated Partner in a Management Consulting Firm had a strange problem. He felt he was the lion when he was working with his team and felt he became a mouse in front of the firm’s leadership team. His awareness only heightened his inadequacies and he decided to use his coaching engagement with us to address this situation.

Our Engagement

As part of our coaching we explored his mindset and his unspoken fears and belief systems. This greater clarity allowed our coachee to discover his root causes for his apparent subservience in front of his leadership team. With awareness comes choice and we now started working with him on how he could adopt a warrior mindset. This meant significant improvement in his physique, and greater level of preparation for leadership meetings that improved his confidence.

Customer Outcome

Our coaching helped the partner to build a greater level of self-trust, that allowed him to engage spontaneously in leadership team discussions. More often than not he discovered that leading from the front actually allowed him to achieve more in leadership settings.

His chairman was quick to notice the change and credited him on his transformation. The partners added gravitas has now enabled him to move higher in the organization with many more partners reporting into him.

When competency meets presence, potential gets amplified.

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