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How is your organization balancing the appreciation
of coaching with the application of coaching to build a coaching culture?

Coaching is no longer a novelty within organizations – however, a number of organizations are struggling to realize the business benefits of coaching. For coaching to maximize its impact within the organization, it needs to be embedded as part of the culture.

It is no longer enough for coaching to be provided as a privilege for the high-potential or as a palliative to address behavioural dysfunctions.

The key lies in the organization’s ability to design every coaching engagement as an opportunity to embed coaching deeply within the culture.

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How do we engage for you to build a coaching culture?

The maturity model for coaching is a three tier model that moves a coachee from awareness to appreciation to application. Every coaching engagement needs to be designed with these three stages in mind while interweaving the elements of self-leadership, team leadership and ecosystem leadership into the goal setting for every coachee.

The essence of building a coaching culture lies within the application of coaching.

Once every coachee undergoes a few sessions to experience the multiple moments of insight, they now become responsible to translate those experiences into coaching their teams and other critical stakeholders.

Our experience in working with thousands of leaders across the globe has shown us that the application of coaching is the toughest aspect of any coaching engagement.

The ability to establish a container of safety, showcase empathy, drive significant value and structure coaching conversations towards powerful outcomes is easier understood than meticulously applied.

Our engagement with you is to drive the following outcomes

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Every coachee realises the power of coaching through their own experience with our experienced coaches

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They then apply the power of coaching with their own team member, both individually and collectively to drive better outcomes for their teams.

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In addition, the coachees demonstrate the ability to coach to crucial conversations with critical stakeholders (aka clients, partners, senior executives etc.) to drive distinct and differentiated outcomes through the power of coaching.

Client Engagement Scenario
Helps you better understand the depth of our engagements

  • Building Coaching Culture

Customer Situation

One among the big 4 management consulting firms wanted to embed coaching as part of their DNA to inform their execution and aspiration. Their current approach to coaching was haphazard with leaders deciding who needed to be coached. Most often coaching was provided as an opportunity to confront and address behavioural dysfunctions on the part of the coachee. As a firm they were also struggling to realize measurable returns from their investments in executive coaching.

Our Engagement

From our experience we knew that the fulcrum for focus within coaching engagements needed to shift during the course of the engagement. As the needle shifts from the coachee to their teams and to their critical stakeholders, the investments in coaching start to show up in team outputs and project advances that can then be tracked to calculate ROI.

Customer Result

The easiest part of customer results was the acknowledgements from every coachee that their experience was life changing. The tougher aspects were in their transition for mindful application of coaching to crucial conversations with teams and stakeholders. Their maximum learning came in this area of application. Many of our coachees were grateful for our feedback and coaching as they confronted these different situations using their coaching lenses. The customer were pleasantly surprised to see specific KPIs getting reported as improvements from these coaching engagements. Efforts are afoot to now broaden the scope of coaching to include more leaders so that they could embed the power of coaching even deeper within the firm.

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