As we engage across multiple client requests to empower their women managers into leadership, we are only surprised if we do not hear the request for “Building a Personal Brand”. In a world of lookalikes, you need to stand out. One way to stand out is to build your personal brand. In fact every woman professional needs to build their brand proactively and consciously.

“If you are not different, you deserve to be commoditised”

Understanding the psychological dimensions of men and women professionals through our works in the space of leadership development, and also from scoring through expert research on behavioural sciences – we know that the predominant biological nature of women is ‘We Centric’ and not ‘I Centric’. This evolutionary trait in women professionals has now made it highly necessary for women to find the right ways to create, nurture and promote their unique personal identity-brand.

A personal brand is a sure-fire way to get promoted. Those with a personal brand are more likely to attract sponsors and get tapped for important projects. In tough times, your chances of gaining a different job is linked to the strength of your brand.

The problem with building a brand is that it is presumed to be selfish and that it militates against the principles of likeability. How does a woman get over these beliefs and biases and get started on building and establishing your personal brand?


How do we engage?

Typical engagements involve your attendance to a workshop that allows you to understand and appreciate the various nuances of building your personal brand. Sometimes, we have managers and leaders who desire to move up their organizations, reach out to us, to help them build a better brand, to maximize their chances of promotion.

During the workshop, we cover the foundations, pillars, accelerators, and multipliers of your personal brand in a way that informs, entertains, and stretches your knowledge and application.

Your brand foundations include the physical aspects of your brand and includes insights on how your physique amplifies your gravitas and executive presence. Cues on how you could “own the room” and psychological aspects of presence are also covered.

Your brand pillars include everything that is related to your communication – the way you speak, listen and act. Factors like simplicity, brevity and clarity in communications, the ability to practice active listening that includes listening with your intuition and acting with humility and authenticity are included within this section.

Your brand accelerators include your ability to discover and leverage your values, showcase expertise, and gain trust and credibility. Elements of psychology are weaved in that helps you understand the finer nuances of self-promotion, gaining recognition etc.

Your brand multipliers include your ability to multiply through the power of your personal network and your social network. Specific aspects of your Board of Directors and actionable guidance around social media visibility and leverage are also covered.

Your Outcomes through this engagement

  • You will recognize that everybody else’s perception is your reality – and you have a great role to play in how others perceive you.
  • You will understand the interconnections between your body and your mind and each other’s contribution to your brand
  • You will appreciate the interplay of physiology and psychology as you increase your awareness and appreciation for your personal brand
  • You will be exposed to best practices that work – subtle nuances that maximize your impact, every time you interact with people.
  • You will learn how to maximize who you truly are – your knowledge, capabilities and credibility are leveraged to bring out the best of who you are
  • You will learn how your power comes through your network – the principle of proactive networking and the ability to leverage your network to get more done faster
  • You will also learn how your social network can amplify your brand – your choices, disciplines and contributions that can maximize your presence and perceptions
  • Importantly, you would able to engage in active dialogue with our mentors and facilitators who would be able to guide you on the 20% actions that would get you 80% results as you seek to build, manage and leverage your personal brand.

We are happy to share a couple of instances where we engaged with women professionals to empower them to confidently create their personal brand.

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