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Conquering the chasm between being a manager and becoming a leader requires the ability to converse in the language of business, calculate in the language of money and influence with integrity.

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The ability to connect the dots from your work to its monetary impact on the larger organization is an important component of leadership. Without these critical capabilities, managers and leaders stagnate and slowly become irrelevant.

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How do we engage?

Learning leadership requires a set of foundational capabilities that we inculcate during our workshops.

  • Participants understand the big picture through multiple lenses which includes political, economic, social and technological (PEST). In addition to awareness of key trends, they also learn to connect the dots to implications and measurable impact.
  • Customer orientation and the ability to understand how you show up on their results is another critical skill.
  • Understanding people, psychology and politics is important to appreciate how strategies translate to results.
  • Stakeholder management is also addressed in detail so that consensus could be built around key initiatives.
  • All of the above is conducted using live customers, projects and stakeholders at the center, so that real life situations could be used to drive more effective learning.
  • Sustenance calls are leveraged to check the quality of retention, application and quality of reflection.

Customer Outcomes

Customers who have engaged with us on empowering their managers and leaders to build their business acumen tell us:

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Their ability to have a connected conversation has improved considerably.
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They are now better able to see the bigger picture and therefore influence better outcomes in cross functional meetings.
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They are now able to think beyond the box to come up with ideas and innovations that help us drive a better business.
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They are now more aware of the interplay of persuasion, influencing and negotiation to get things done.
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Their ability to build and articulate a business case has improved significantly.

Client Engagement Scenarios
Helps you better understand the depth of our engagements

  • Better business outcomes by investing in business acumen

Customer situation

The Global Delivery Center of a large management consulting multinational wanted to invest in their senior managers to build their capabilities around business orientation and finance orientation for them to increase their services penetration with their global member firms. Increasing this level of penetration will allow the Firm to increase its profitability while also helping the Global Delivery Center break even faster.

Our Engagement

Our intervention included a number of face-to-face workshops which morphed into a set of calendarized VILT (Virtual Instructor Led Training) workshops. The managers brought in their largest customers and their most critical stakeholders so that they could learn the concepts of business acumen, financial acumen and conversational intelligence within the scope of their day to day execution.

Multiple exercises and cross team role plays helped them apply their new skills into practices that transformed their confidence and showcased their potential.

Customer Result

The initial pilot of these workshops was so successful that our client decided to invest in a larger roll-out that covered hundreds of managers. In order to cater to managers operating in multiple locations across Asia, Europe and LATAM, our client requested us to switch to a VILT format in mid 2019 that helped us expand the scope and impact of our engagement.

Participants acknowledged the value of their learning and also appreciated the constructive tension within the workshop that allowed them to achieve more. Even experienced leaders, with over twenty years of experience, lauded the simplicity and sophistication of the content and conduct of these workshops.

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