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How can coaching shape your legacy?
How can coaching help you become “Board” ready?

CxOs seek coaching to translate their potential into possibilities through a different set of paradigms and perspectives.

Although coaching thrives in an environment where clarity of distance matters, CxOs require coaches who possess the necessary background and experience to understand their altitude and aspirations.

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How do we engage?

Our typical leadership coaching engagements span at least ten sessions spread over a year.
Leadership goals typically involve some elements of strategic thinking, business model innovation and transformative leadership principles. Our coaching sessions involve a dance of insights that are then prioritized and sequenced for action.

Our leadership coaching sessions involve a fair bit of applied coaching, wherein the leader utilizes the power of coaching to achieve more with their teams and other critical stakeholders. These coaching sessions become very insightful for the leaders as their heightened awareness now allows them to listen to the unspoken and structure the power of coaching to achieve more in an environment of positivity and possibility.

  • Leaders who have engaged with us often acknowledge us for

    1.How much they shared in their first chemistry session, including sometimes certain elements of their lives and experiences that their life partners themselves do not know, indicating the level of trust we are able to establish within the first session.

    2.Their ability to deeply think about their aspirational goals by leveraging Critical Thinking.

    3.Their discipline to encapsulate their top three takeaways from every coaching session and to keep them accountable for translating their learnings into measurable results.

    4.Sharing how we extended their thinking by suggesting some frameworks that reframe their reality and help them gain deeper insights and foresights.

    Organizations that choose us for their leadership coaching engagements tell us that they get universally excellent feedback on the quality of our coaches and their immense satisfaction with the conduct and the outcomes of the entire engagement. They also acknowledge the extensive depth and breadth of our coaching pool and the experience they bring to bear to deepen every coaching session. Helping them to close the circle of accountability across multiple stakeholders is another acknowledgement we consistently receive.

  • Principles that underpin this engagement

    Chemistry is important, Diversity even more

    In a leadership coaching engagement, the chemistry between the coach and the leader is important. It matters even more to invest in the diversity between the coach and the leader so that the "clarity of distance" allows for a deeper and broader conversation that achieves more for the leader.

    Feedback is the breakfast of champions

    if everybody else's perception is your reality, then every leader needs to have the benefit of incisive feedback from critical stakeholders, so that they plan around "outside-in" perceptions, in addition to addressing their "inside-out" beliefs and biases

    Multiple lenses, multiple perspectives, multiple possibilities

    The current VUCA environment requires leaders to "reframe" their reality to identify unaddressed market opportunities and unarticulated customer needs. Leveraging multiple different lenses and perspectives helps the leaders to "stretch" their thinking to come up with newer and better options for progressing against their goals. These perspectives also help to build their “Board Readiness”
    Some of the perspectives include physical, managerial, cultural, psychological, political and spiritual, including multiple archetypes

    The importance of critical thinking

    We use specific "critical thinking" formats to help leaders land their aspirations and execution plans in the common language of money, KPI and measurement. This helps them connect the dots between goals, strategies, milestones, metrics, measures and actions

    Framework - supported conversations

    Frameworks leverage universal principles and deepen thinking. We situationally use frameworks to help leaders stretch their thinking, when they hit a roadblock in their execution.

    Coaching in an environment of "Constructive Tension

    Our coaches have the backbone to challenge lazy thinking, inadequate stretch and missing accountability, and believe in the power of having hard conversations in a soft way. We have discovered that an environment of constructive tension help leaders achieve more in less time during their coaching sessions.

Client Engagement Scenarios
Helps you better understand the depth of our engagements

  • From the frying pan to the fire

Customer Situation

The scion of a large IT conglomerate in the Middle East was poised to take over as the Managing Director. However, it was felt he was not yet ready to take on the mantle. That is when, he reached out to his network to discover who could coach him to his next rung of leadership. Based on the recommendations received, he decided to work with us.

Our Engagement

Over fifteen sessions across six months, this Executive Director worked with one of our coaches to broaden and deepen his capabilities to lead and inspire. Starting with his ability to understand the dynamics of the board to the necessities of building a strategy and executing flawlessly, he utilized his coaching sessions to understand the interconnections between people, money and technology.

Customer Result

It was no surprise that our coachee became the Managing Director of the entire group. The best part was that this decision was taken unanimously by the board. It was felt that he was now ready to balance pragmatism with idealism and to understand people and politics to drive the organization to its next summit. The new Managing Director immediately took it upon himself to nominate his leadership team to work with us to enhance their leadership quotient.

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