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There is a huge opportunity for empowering women managers and leaders who could be role models for other women to work, contribute and thrive. Organizations are facing a gender diversity challenge at the Leadership level that threatens their innovation and inclusion goals.

In addition to building the knowledge and skills for women to move into Leadership, organizations also need to reduce the perception gap in organizations that see women as less capable, and therefore hold limited growth potential. With less than 10% Board representation on average, there is tremendous opportunity for women to move into leadership.

Leadership is a journey, which is not predicated only on gender. It is the awareness and choice of specific masculine and feminine traits and their interplay within situations, that provide the opportunities to progress towards Leadership. Our Empowering Women into Leadership engagement empower women with multiple perspectives, so that they can exercise their best choices, as they proactively take action to navigate their path to Leadership.

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Who could benefit most from this engagement?

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Women Leaders aspiring for the next rung of leadership
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Women Managers aspiring to become leaders
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Leaders who care about empowering women into leadership
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Diversity and Inclusion professionals
who want to achieve powerful results for their organisations
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Team leaders who believe in the power of diversity to drive innovation and accelerate results
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How do we engage?

Empowering Women into Leadership is a responsibility, which we take seriously.
Therefore, this workshop engagement is structured into a series of perspectives that provide the woman leader with the necessary breadth and depth of knowledge and skills, to apply the learning to their current challenges.

At the end of the workshop, you will have the opportunity to hear from accomplished
women leaders on their experiences – through these six multiple perspectives.
This will help you connect the dots for your interconnected action plan to
achieve your true potential.

In the Physical perspective, we engage in activities that give participants the appreciation for the condition of their own bodies, and its implications on their self-leadership.

In the Managerial perspective, we provide multiple situations that help the participants to translate their new-found knowledge to real-life situations, thus improving their situational fluency.

In the Psychological perspective, we provide opportunities for participants to role-play important aspects of concepts like the drama triangle, so that they become fluent in the positions that their team members could adopt, and how they could address them.

In the Political perspective, you will learn how to build Power, so that you can engage in Constructive Politics. Peer Coaching within this perspective will allow you the opportunity to develop other leaders and develop yourself.

In the Cultural Perspective, we discover a vocabulary for us to understand our differences, and to build a plan to leverage our differences to achieve more.

In the Spiritual perspective, you will build a collage for the purpose of your life – this will lend meaning, direction, conduct and control of your life and its choices.

Through the medium of dance and music, you will learn to discover and unleash the Archetypes within you – these are the hidden powers that exists within all of us that we can call upon at will to achieve more.


Your Outcomes through this engagement

  • You will go back richer, having gained the invaluable ability to look at your challenges and possibilities through multiple perspectives.
  • You will understand your own physical limitations, and the implications of those limitations on your Leadership journey.
  • You will learn to reflect every week on the choices you need to make, on how you assign time, across your multiple roles in life. These deliberate choices will help you lead a more balanced and purposeful life.
  • You will become more situationally fluent as a manager as you understand flexing to different styles within your team, breaking dysfunctions within teams and learning the art of managing up.
  • You will understand the dynamics between human beings at a deeper level and will now comprehend why some people behave the way they do.
  • You will learn how to get proactive about your ability to gain power to be of service.
  • You will also build a plan to move from inaction to thoughtful, proactive actions to navigate your growth through constructive politics.
  • You will gain a vocabulary for understanding how we are all different, and what that difference means to your management and leadership style. This understanding will help you integrate better within teams, and more importantly, help you learn to leverage the differences between people.
  • You will reflect on your purpose in life – and gain some clarity and direction on your life’s meaning. This is essential since you need to be aligned to your larger purpose for your life.
  • You will learn about the multiple powers of Archetypes that reside within you and would be able to call upon those emotional powers at your own calling. This will make you richer in your ability to move from a victim mind-set to a warrior mind-set.

Client Engagement Scenarios
Helps you better understand the depth of our engagements

  • Voice, Empowering your Identity and Discovering your Purpose

Customer Situation

Dearth of diversity at the top and the dismal pipeline of diverse talent is the lament within many organizations and our client was no exception. With less than 6% representation of Women in their Partnership Pool, there was a crying need to empower the next generation of women leaders to play at the partner level. This is when they turned to Global Coaching Lab to design and develop an intervention that would empower more women into partnership

Our Engagement

Empowering Women into Leadership - Any engagement on empowerment needs to be holistic, interconnected and comprehensive. This was the approach we utilized with our client women Leaders, wherein we exposed every women leader to possibilities of six perspectives – the physical, the managerial, psychological, cultural, political and spiritual perspectives. Working through these six perspectives helped the women leaders frame their business case and personal case for partnership even better. Significant opportunities for cross group collaboration, peer coaching, roleplaying and mock presentations helped every woman leader stretch to their full potential.

Client Result

Women representation within the partnership pool has doubled and is moving well to its global trajectory of 30% women representation among partners.

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