Executive Coaching

The term coaching needs no introduction in organizations. However, its
understanding and application can be quite varied.

Organizations are embracing the possibilities of balancing execution with
engagement and are discovering that coaching is the vital link that
connects the two.

Coaching done well may be the most effective intervention designed for human performance – Atul Gawande

Our Approach to executive coaching indexes
on three core capabilities

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Leveraging constructive tension in
an environment of positivity &
possibility to achieve more.

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Utilizing 360-degree behavioral
feedback and powerful frameworks
to drive a higher order of
conversation and a better
orientation to results.
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Balance every coaching engagement
between the appreciation of coaching
and the application of coaching,
which helps to instill a coaching
culture within organizations.

We are also establishing a technology platform that enables recording, reporting and insight generation. Insights could potentially be specific skills or behaviours that the coachee has discovered and utilized during the course of the coaching engagement.

Why do organizations choose to work with us?

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Global Network of Coaches with experience,
certification and dedication providing
you the scalability to roll out organization
wide coaching initiatives

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Coaching Methodologies that are uniquely
tailored to your organizational needs and the
coachee’s circumstances

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Our unique ability to
showcase Return On Investment
(ROI) through closed loop
coaching processes

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Build leaders as coaches who can
apply the power of coaching to
establish a coaching culture
within the organization
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Utilize the best of the east and
west (principles, practices &
processes) to provide a more
holistic and interconnected
coaching experience

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over 90%

of our coachees have
got promoted

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over 20

nationalities coached
across the globe

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over 10k

hours of executive

impact icon4

over 25

Frameworks utilized to
drive stretch in coaching

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over 90%

of our customers’
renew their coaching

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over 1k

women managers
empowered into

impact icon7

over 50

Executive Coaches
in our network across
the globe

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over 50%

of our coachees stay
connected with us even post
the coaching engagement

What have we observed to work in executive coaching?

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What circumstances drive the maximum Return for Coaching (ROI) for organizations?

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From experience, we have observed a number of scenarios that lend themselves to coaching.

You may have one or more of these scenarios, which would make it an ideal candidate to provide your leaders with an executive coach. This list is illustrative and not exhaustive
– please reach out to us to discuss your specific situation


Our Executive Coaching in Action

Our network of coaches are currently involved in the following types of
coaching engagements:

We have expanded the traditional richness of
1:1 coaching to include two important extensions

In fact, customers are learning that coaching that embraces all of these
three forms, maximizes the impact for the coachee and ROI for the organization.

Our Customer Engagements Results stand testimony

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