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The current challenging times requires organizations to reset, refresh and renew their goals and strategies. Every business needs a plan, and a three- year plan provides the true north for all leaders to align. Multi-year planning is a non-trivial exercise and most leaders are frustrated by the amount of time they need to invest in this exercise and the lack of return they have seen from previous such exercises.

While the importance remains, can there be a better way to ensure three-year plans actions actually translate into meaningful execution and greater business results?

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Our Principles that underpin this engagement

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Organization structure and hierarchy
should not be replicated for
three-year planning processes.
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To think outside the box, you
need to look into other boxes.
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Measure yourself by not what you
have achieved in the past, but by
how much of your addressable
market you have retired.
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Diversity is the foundation for a
strong three-year plan.
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Simplicity with sophistication
should form the structure of the
planning process.
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Any planning without critical
stakeholder validation and
triangulation, is hallucination.

How do we engage with you for your three-year planning exercise?

Our engagement starts with the deep desire expressed by the business leader to build a meaningful three-year plan that can actually translate into results. We design an engagement roadmap that includes the planning team (ideally not more than 25 leaders).

Good planning requires good preparation and some preparation guidelines are sent out prior so that data is readily available to substantiate the planning. If possible, we would prefer an offsite location that helps bring together the body, heart, mind and soul for the leaders. We facilitate a series of experiences that help the leaders understand each other better and leverage their differences to achieve more for their vision.

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In some cases we leverage our partnership with MarketCulture to assess the level of customer centricity within the leadership team. Leaders measure their organizational focus across eight different parameters that also helps them benchmark themselves against the best in class.

This assessment has proved to be very useful as a pre-cursor to the planning exercise.

Client Engagement Scenarios
Helps you better understand the depth of our engagements

  • Building a three-year plan that actually delivers

Customer situation

The Indonesia subsidiary of one of the world’s largest software multinationals wanted to ensure that they developed a three-year plan that truly reflected market potential. Previous annual efforts had been mostly internally driven with lack luster follow-up and not much progress in market share. They believed that a facilitated process would help them achieve more and they turned to Tripura to help them with the process.

Our Engagement

We designed an engagement that allowed the top leaders to understand the divergent perspectives everybody had on the market and its potential. This then helped them during the workshop to first decide on a common aspiration that everyone would feel inspired and motivated by. The next step was to ensure that leaders understood their similarities and differences so that they could leverage their differences to achieve more for every project that supported their aspiration. We also took them through a series of experiences by way of which they were able to translate their vision into specific goals, strategies, metrics, measures and milestones. We also leveraged Black Hat Thinking to identify future potential risks that need to be mitigated as the teams translated strategy into execution.

Customer Outcomes

The subsidiary leader was pleasantly surprised to see the quality of the output at the end of two days. This was far beyond their expectations and it earned them appreciation from the Region for a higher order of aspiration, supported by a solid set of strategies. Their ability to have meaningful conversations with their regional leaders on investments and outcomes led to a higher order of investment for the Indonesian subsidiary. The acceleration that they received on account of their strong strategies helped them front load their performance, so much so the Covid-19 crisis did not make a significant dent in their growth numbers.

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