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Coaching need not be restricted to just 1:1 interactions.
Think about the possibility if the power of coaching were to be applied to an entire team for them to achieve more together.

Indeed, team coaching can be effectively applied to a number of business scenarios, that would otherwise drive sub optimal results.

These scenarios could range from groups morphing into teams, different teams desiring to work together or even ensuring that leadership teams become better aligned.

Our Group Coaching engagements, index around three core principles

g round1
Understanding Group Dynamics, Group
Think, Group Dysfunctions and Group
Decision Making.
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Building a vocabulary to understand how every person on the team is different and coaching those differences to achieve more.
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Designing a higher aspiration for the team that everybody could feel motivated about and contribute towards.
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Typically, organizations reach out to us when they know their teams can achieve more, but do not know HOW.

We carefully help the team leaders and some team members, to discover the dysfunctions that hold the teams back, and also identify the levers that can propel them forward.

A typical group coaching engagement consists of a series of experiences with layered learnings and reflections that help team members discover more about themselves and those around them.

These group coaching engagements are centered around specific business KPIs and aspirations, so that, it results in actionable outcomes.

The facilitator uses the power of questions to help stretch team thinking so that the team can reframe their realities to achieve a higher normal. An environment of constructive tension is maintained during the session so that team members operate with a sense for urgency and a bias for action.

All of these group coaching engagements result in an individual and collective debrief that allows leaders to understand every team member’s learnings, actions and sustenance plan, resulting out of the engagement.

Client Engagement Scenarios
Helps you better understand the depth of our engagements

  • Aligning and Executing Across Cultures
  • Failing to plan is planning to Fail
  • Coaching the development of a quality three-year plan

Group Coaching Context

The CEO of a large Aquaculture Multinational desired a change in the mindset of his leadership team. He wanted them to move from a Farmer’s mindset to a FMCG Business Leader’s mindset. The fact that the leadership team spanned four continents was another consideration in coalescing the team to think differently.

Group Coaching Conduct

Given these were senior leaders, we needed to design a workshop that included components of facilitation, coaching and feedback. After a few exercises that reduce the barriers within the team, we then set about aligning the team to a measurable vision and define strategies in the critical thinking format. Cascading this vision to the next level of Plant General Managers and Divisional Vice Presidents took up the bulk of the time. We also invested in anonymous behavioral feedback across the leadership team, so that every leader knew what other leaders’ thought about them.

Group Coaching Results

The biggest realization across this heterogenous leadership team was the assumption of alignment. They thought that they were all aligned, but in practice their plans and actions were not aligned. Coaching through frameworks helped them align and secure commitment to organizational goals. They also realized how difficult it was to connect the dots across the enterprise. In addition to the rational aspects of alignment, the behavioral feedback also exposed them to the emotional expectations for alignment. Taken together, the leadership team now had a unified approach and strategy to secure a higher aspiration.

Group Coaching Context

This adage is true irrespective of the size of the organization. In some large organizations, the notion of planning is more prevalent. This was the situation with one of the largest software companies in the world. They knew that all of the guidance that was being proffered was only utilized as a tick -box exercise “to show” pipeline. We were roped in to help fix three issues –

  • 1. Build a genuine Account Plan
  • 2. Make sure that the plan is aligned to the customer’s biggest priorities and aspirations.
  • 3. Build a sustenance plan for the account planning effort.

Group Coaching Conduct

Through the Group Coaching Exercise, we wanted to achieve three objectives –

  • 1. Showcase the power of high-quality coaching
  • 2. Demonstrate, how coaching in an environment of constructive tension, helps everybody achieve more
  • 3. Allow managers who were observers to glean salient aspects of coaching for their subsequent application

The first section of the demonstration of coaching allowed the account teams to think strategically and to come up with tens of millions of dollars of additional pipeline. The mangers who were observers also realized, how structuring conversations and interspersing the conduct of the session with powerful questions and frameworks that stretch thinking help the group to achieve more authentic outcomes.

The second section on the application of coaching helped the managers to apply their learnings to a different account and to demonstrate their situationally fluency.

Group Coaching Results

The account teams had multiple realizations:

  • 1. How little they knew about their clients
  • 2. How they assumed they were all aligned
  • 3. How coaching could help a group become a team
  • 4. How coaching can help drive pragmatism into aspiration
  • 5. How they come up with millions of dollars of net new pipeline, given the right environment and structure

From a manager’s viewpoint they realized:

  • 1. How the conduct of a group coaching session is widely different from just observation
  • 2. What good coaching is all about and how group coaching is different from individual coaching
  • 3. How structuring conversations helps teams achieve more
  • 4. How powerful questions can explode possibilities for teams
  • 5. How the power of coaching can transform their performance, when diligently applied

From an organizational perspective they realized:

  • 1. The magic key to scaling performance within the organization
  • 2. How to embed coaching within the culture and DNA of the organization
  • 3. How to maximize ROI on their investments in coaching

Group Coaching Context

The leadership team of one of the largest subsidiaries of a software multinational, desired to build a three-year plan that actually translated into results. Previous planning efforts resulted in a lot of spreadsheets and power-points but no strategies and execution on the field. We were roped in to bring method to the madness through the power of coaching.

Group Coaching Conduct

Any group coaching engagement needs to first focus on a common higher order goal that everybody could connect to. To help achieve that higher order goal, teams need to recognize their individual differences so that they could sequence these differences to achieve more. This understanding of how every person is different helped the team to define the right team members for every project team that would translate the vision to reality. Any progress is the systematic elimination of risk and the team discovered the risks that would potentially hold them back and built action plans that would alleviate those risks.

Group Coaching Results

The entire leadership team were pleasantly surprised about how much they could accomplish within the space of two days. The richness of the output captivated the regional teams, that they now want our approach as a standardized mechanism for the subsidiary teams to drive their three-year planning.

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