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One cannot discount the power of 1:1 individual executive coaching – in fact, we call it the ultimate customization. Think about the experience for your leader, where they would benefit from the triangulation of a structured process, insightful feedback and powerful coaching.

Each of our executive coaching engagements are tailored to the individual and customized for the organization. This allows us to select the right coach for the coachee and design the engagement in a way that maximizes ROI for your organization.

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Specific experiences that our coachees’ often acknowledge in our
executive coaching engagements include

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How much they shared in the first chemistry session, including certain elements that their life partners themselves do not know, indicating the level of trust established within a call.
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Their ability to deeply think about their aspirational goals by leveraging Critical Thinking.
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Acknowledging their coach at the end of every session by encapsulating their top three learnings and their actions thereof.
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Sharing how we extended their thinking when they were
struggling, even indicating some frameworks that have got them promoted.
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Organizations that choose us, for their executive coaching engagements tell us that they get universally excellent feedback on the quality of our coaches and their immense satisfaction with the conduct and the outcomes of the entire engagement.

They also acknowledge the extensive depth and breadth of our coaching pool and the experience they bring to bear to deepen every coaching session. Helping them to close the circle of accountability across multiple stakeholders is another acknowledgement we consistently receive.

Capabilities find definition only in engagements. Our customer testimonials are acknowledgements of how our capabilities have transformed individuals, teams and organizations to achieve more.

Client Engagement Scenarios
Helps you better understand the depth of our engagements

  • From Failure to Success
  • Opportunity hidden in plain sight
  • Coaching to the next level
  • Understanding Others to discover One-Self
  • Overcoming the Expert’s Curse
  • What got you here will not take you there

Customer Situation

It can be extremely frustrating to be put up for partner but not ultimately making the grade. When this director was referred to us, he was extremely bitter, disappointed and negative in his outlook.

Coaching engagement

Our journey consisted of getting his confidence levels back and working on his competence levels to get the personal case and business case for making partner. Along the way important elements like Executive Presence, ability to get larger deals and building political acumen were all covered.

Coachee Results

With renewed confidence and a greater sense of purpose, this director engaged in role plays to showcase his personal case and business case for partnership.

It is said that “every powerful outcome is 3 parts preparation and 1part execution”.

The coaching engagement helped this coachee to be put up for partner in the subsequent cycle in which he succeeded in becoming a Partner. More importantly, all of the learnings within his coaching engagement were applied in the new role which helped him to over -achieve his commitments in the first year of becoming Partner.

Coachee Situation

A very successful leader in a large software services company, blessed with a high- performance team was unsure about where he is headed next. Obvious choices in front of him were regional roles with greater geographic coverage but with narrower focus areas. Other choices were to follow his previous leader on their trajectory. However, this leader was not seeing an opportunity hidden in plain sight.

Coaching Engagement

In addition to coaching this leader on other goals he had identified, we finally focused on the goal that focused on his next career move. This was a situation that necessitated multiple reframes –

  • 1. Reframing the timing to highlight the need to act now
  • 2. Reframing the scope of the next role to include other possibilities
  • 3. Reframe the location options to include higher possibilities
  • 4. Reframing his legacy to stay positive even after the transition

Coachee Results

All of this coaching from multiple perspectives finally resulted in the leader identifying the best next move to be the General Manager of a subsidiary, which would help him build perspective as well as gain gravitas. This well thought out move, helped the leader transition smoothly, scale effortlessly and lead the subsidiary to a higher order of performance.

Coachee Situation

The leader of a technology unit was on the slate to become the regional technology leader – albeit with a few reservations. This Coaching engagement was provided more as developmental opportunity for the leader to discover their blind spots and to reframe their perspective to play at a higher level.

Coaching Engagement

Coaching the smart to become smarter requires a higher order of coaching. When it comes to leadership transitions, perceptions trump competence. We worked with this leader to gain all round feedback on his specific behaviors, especially focused on running high performance, cross – boundary, high stakes meetings. If everybody else’s perception is reality, this leader gained the most in analyzing and stack ranking feedback to focus on his own developmental journey.

Coachee Results

The expert as leader transformed to become the expert leader Focus on technology outcomes transformed into influencing business outcomes. Managing teams transformed into coaching cross-group and cross-boundary collaborations. Each of these transformations finally culminated in this leader getting promoted into running the technology group across Asia, ahead of the planned transition time.

Coachee Situation

A family run conglomerate is grooming one of its family members to take over the enterprise. One of the son’s who was poised to become the Managing Director decided to engage with us, so that he could be better prepared to take over the business at the appropriate time.

Coaching Engagement

The leader in waiting had to be coached to appreciate a number of perspectives – the current leader’s profile, their management style, key stakeholders, business performance, execution challenges, business innovation, change management etc. Our coaching focused on a holistic interconnected and comprehensive approach to allow the leader to define his way forward.

Coachee Results

The first “aha moment” was understanding how different behavioral styles needed to work together. The current Managing Director was an “expressive” while our coachee was “analytical” and this foundational understanding helped them appreciate the differences and sequence their efforts. Over 15 sessions, the coachee ramped up in their ability to take over and indeed took over as Managing Director a few months ahead of plan.

Coachee Situation

One of the Partner’s in a leading Management Consulting firm wanted to embrace coaching to bring a better sense of balance into her work and personal life. The engagement had all the nuances of the types of challenges, senior leaders face balancing time, team, talent, energy, clients, colleagues and other stakeholders.

Coaching Engagement

Our initial coaching focused on Return on Time Invested ( RoTI). This allowed the coachee to understand the difference between her reactive and proactive planning for time, talent and energy. In discussing about scale in the business, it became quite obvious that she herself was the biggest impediment, always wanting to engage in the front lines while sacrificing the more important ideal of team development.

Coachee Results

With better management of time, she was able to fill critical roles on her team which gave her more time back. Having realized the limitations of the “expert’s curse”, she started empowering the team to become independent achievers which got her even more time back, that she could use to focus on her own leadership development, as well as balancing her personal priorities. The impact of every coaching session was keenly felt which led to the renewal of the engagement for another year.

Coachee Situation

A partner with a leading management consulting firm wanted to explore coaching as an opportunity to transform himself, his team and his organizational results. Specific areas that this leader wanted to focus on was on building gravitas, breaking silos and balancing his priorities.

Coaching Engagement

In addition to SMART Goal setting, we brought in Pearson's Heroes and archetypes into the coaching conversation. We were able to guide him to situationally tap into his emotions. For example he was able to unleash the ‘Warrior’ showcasing preparation, gravitas, and strength as he approached key leadership meetings. Understanding, acknowledging and bringing forth various archetypes helped the Partner improve his situational fluency in leadership settings, to a degree that he is now comfortable leading conversations at a higher level.

We utilized Neuroscience of Relationships to build on his ability to get his team to showcase vulnerability and then move to trust, accountability and results. The ability to dissolve silos also helped him to identify the next set of leaders who could be potential successors to his role.

We utilized a Life Balance tool that allowed the coachee to record and reflect on his various life roles, time spent and results achieved thereof. Weekly reflections helped him identify "time sinks”, take control of his most important priorities, and assign time accordingly.

Coachee Results

The ability to bring in specific tools and concepts into the coaching discussion provided the coachee with the intellectual richness and execution rigor to make progress on his goals. His transformation with coaching with us was so powerful that he now works through us to address some of his customer's coaching requirements. Most of his team members have also been referred to us and many have them been promoted to Partners in his team now.

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