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Are groups masquerading as teams within your organization?

The biggest single untapped competitive advantage within organizations is team work, the absence of which is exacerbated at the senior leadership team levels.

Awareness is not always translated into action
and actions do not necessarily translate into
long lasting behavioural changes. The impact to
the organization of a group of senior leaders not
working together is significant. Sometimes, it
results in missed market opportunities, poor
execution, low employee engagement and
reduced productivity.

The key to a high performing senior leadership team is their ability to identify their similarities, appreciate their differences and leverage their diversity to achieve a greater common purpose.

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How will we empower your leadership team?

Our engagements with senior leadership teams typically cover five distinct areas

  • The democratic design of a larger purpose that can be inspirational and motivational for
    the SLT.
  • Establish trust among SLT members and provide actionable behavioural feedback that
    allows the team to understand everybody else’s perception.
  • The design of goals, strategies, measures, metrics and milestones using critical thinking.
  • Coaching of SLT members so that they could have a safe environment to discuss and
    deliberate on their important goals.
  • Leverage group coaching for every SLT member to coach to the team’s progress towards
    their aspirational goals

Client Engagement Scenario
Helps you better understand the depth of our engagements

  • Integrating your SLT (Senior Leadership Team)

Customer Situation

The CEO of a large commodity manufacturer was worried – his manufacturing units were working perfectly they were the leader in their segment. However, the lack of team work and coordination between the head office and the units was sapping energy and engagement. He wanted to stem the rot before it started showing up on the balance sheet. This was a precursor for developing his slate for succession.

Our Engagement

Teams that work together should learn and engage together. We designed a number of bi-monthly engagements that brought the entire leadership team together. The in-person workshops were interspersed with multiple coaching sessions with leaders so that they could connect their reality to the larger organizational aspiration.

Customer Result

The very act of bringing everybody together to align on a higher aspiration broke down some walls between the leaders. Helping them understand their similarities and differences deepened their appreciation for each other. Once this foundation of trust was established, an atmosphere of constructive tension was consciously applied to get them to articulate their unspoken issues. Tactful facilitation ensured that ideas were surfaced but not personalized so that the tough issues could be addressed. Diverse project teams were formed to drive progress against cross-functional projects that would showcase increased collaboration and team-work. Values, norms and guidelines were developed to ensure greater transparency and accountability.

The customer now acknowledges that they are able to drive a higher order of business results on account of the senior leadership team coming together to work as a team.

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