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The nature and expectations of leadership is constantly changing.
Leaders of the future require a set of skills, frameworks,
competencies and experiences that can help them sense and
respond to a dynamic environment

Move away from the epidemic of excuses to the pandemic of possibilities – Venkataraman Subramanyan

The Future of Leadership is STEP

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Sustainable Leadership
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Technology Leadership
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Ecosystem Leadership
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People Leadership

Our approach to Leadership Development is therefore holistic, interconnected and comprehensive. Leaders who have been transformed through their experiences with us, tell us about their joys of discovery about newer possibilities of thinking, emoting and acting.

Some of the Principles for our leadership development index around

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A balance between left brain and
right brain experiences

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Indexing around specific
leadership challenges

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Exposing possibilities through
different perspectives – example:
physical, managerial, psychological,
cultural, political and spiritual

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Leveraging archetypes to tap into
the infinite potential of emotions,
to build better situational fluency

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Integrating concepts of agile
leadership, design thinking, lean
innovation and digital awareness
and adoption

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Intersecting between the body,
heart, mind and soul in every

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All of these principles have culminated in the development of our Integrated Leadership Model (ILM),
which is brought to life through the power of coaching

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Experience is your gateway to discovery.
Our events, both virtual and class room are
designed to leverage the diversity of its
delegates and create experiences, some of
which can be potentially life changing.

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