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In today’s VUCA world, the successful and smart enterprises are those that leverage the power of diversity to drive innovation. The least common denominator for diversity and paradoxically its greatest common multiplier is gender diversity. There is so much untapped potential that women professionals possess – organizations that can invest into increasing and empowering their diverse talent, are the ones that are poised to secure their future.

It is our belief that women hold tremendous potential. We believe that with the right knowledge, skills, and resources any woman can become her best. Our VIP Women engagement is an investment for every woman to attain her true potential.

**Women are still underrepresented in the top echelons of corporations today. On average, women’s scores trail men on five of the seven key competencies of leadership. While all the differences are statistically significant, they are large in only two areas: strategic orientation and market understanding.

However, women score higher than men on three of the four hallmarks of potential – curiosity, engagement, and determination – while men have a slightly stronger level of insight. Again, the differences are statistically significant but not too large, except in the case of determination, where the female executives we were assessed scored much higher than their male peers.

How can we reconcile these findings? Why women have higher potential but less competence than men? We believe that it is because women are typically not given the roles and responsibilities, they need to hone critical competencies. How can you develop team leadership if you are not given the chance to manage a team, or strengthen your strategic orientation if you never participate in any planning discussions or strategic projects?

** Source – A study by Egon Zhender – Harvard Business Review article, The Missing Links in Leadership Development

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Who could benefit most from this engagement?

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You are a woman, with the passion to be a leader, with or without a title
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You possess the drive and desire for accomplishment
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You are a HR Leader aspiring for greater diversity and innovation within your organization
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You are a male leader, who believe in the power of empowering women within your team
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You are keen on self-development and continuous learning
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How do we engage?

There are three components of a woman’s potential that will be developed during our engagement – your voice, your identity, and your purpose.

Voice refers to your set of abilities that sets you apart.

Constraints around your voice cover –

  • The unconscious biases you or others may have,
  • Environmental biases you would need to address in your leadership journey and
  • The self-limiting beliefs that hold you back.

The control of your voice refers to the physical dimension. The strength of your voice is derived from your physical strength and poise. We cover multiple aspects of your fitness as it relates to your ability to control your voice to get what you desire in various stressful situations.

The amplification of your Voice is crucial as you grow from being an individual contributor to a manager to a leader. This section will cover your ability to showcase situational fluency in various situations – the ability to influence your team, your ability to leverage your conflict competence, and your ability to engage in constructive politics. We will also cover your ability to expand your influence through the conscious development of your internal and external network.

Your Identity is another important component of your Leadership Brand. This section of the workshop covers the foundations, pillars, accelerators, and multipliers for your personal brand. The importance of building your brand is understood, but seldom acted upon. With specific insights, this section of the workshop will focus on how you could consciously build and leverage your Brand to achieve more.

Your Purpose is your True North. Every person needs to understand the larger canvas of their life, and how they could make the world a better place. The alignment of your current performance, future potential and life purpose is key, as you seek happiness and fulfilment in life.


Your Outcomes through this engagement

  • You will go back richer, with the specific know how on how to overcome personal, team and organizational challenges through the power of your Voice
  • You will build the ability to create your own Unique VOICE, IDENTITY and PURPOSE to become a VIP Woman
  • You will be better equipped to handle your self-limiting beliefs and address the unconscious and environmental biases you encounter.
  • You will gain the mindset, skillset, and toolset to observe and handle others’ irrational behaviours
  • You will become more situationally fluent as a manager as you understand flexing to different styles within your team, breaking dysfunctions within teams and learning the art of managing up
  • You will reflect on your purpose in life – and gain some clarity and direction on your life’s meaning. This is essential since you need to be aligned to your larger purpose for your life


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