Women Empowerment

There is a huge opportunity for women managers and leaders who could
empower themselves to become role models for other women, specific to
how they could work, contribute and thrive better.

Organizations are facing a gender diversity challenge at the leadership level
that threatens their innovation and inclusion goals.

The way forward isn’t a road we take, the way forward is a road women make – Amanda Gorman

In addition to building the knowledge and skills for women to move into leadership, organizations also need to reduce the perception gap that perceive women as less capable, and therefore hold limited growth potential. With less than ten percent board representation on average, there is tremendous opportunity for women to move into leadership.

Leadership is a journey, which is not predicated only on gender. It is the awareness and choice of specific masculine and feminine traits, and their interplay within situations, that provide the opportunities to progress towards leadership.

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Principles that underpin our approach to women empowerment

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Leadership is an interplay of
masculine and feminine traits.
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With greater awareness comes better choices. When women leaders confront and understand biases, assumptions and self-limiting beliefs, they are now motivated to use their learning to make better choices and to amplify their impact.
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Focussing on potential yields better results than focussing on competencies alone
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A diverse set of perspectives that balance the rational with the emotional are required to build a wholistic approach to empowering women into leadership
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Coaching women in real life situations yields the best impact for leadership development

Our approach to women leadership involves three distinct focus areas

Women leaders who have experienced our workshops and engagements credit us for increasing their awareness, expanding their possibilities, empowering their choices and enhancing their results.

It is precisely these acknowledgements that we would like to gain from you and your organization.

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