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“The child is the father of the man”

Research says that fifty percent of the workforce globally would be millennials by 2025. It is indicates a mushrooming of the number of SMEs as technology upends traditional organizational models. What is left unsaid is the fact that a number of organizations of the future will now have young CEOs.

We have discovered that this “born in the cloud” generation instinctively understands the power and potential of technology and is not limited by organizational hierarchy. Driven by tremendous energy and an experimentative mindset, this generation embraces proactive networking and constant innovation to expand their vistas.

Young CEO leadership therefore needs to appreciate the environment in which they have grown and the ecosystem within which they will thrive.

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How will we engage?

Typical Young CEO engagements begin with their stated discomfort with status quo.
These CEOs (or potential CEOs) face the limits of either time, talent, technology or teams.

Our engagements involve a blend of workshops and coaching where the young CEO could confront their beliefs, biases and blind-spots that hold them back. With increased awareness, we have often observed that young CEOs translate their learnings into results much faster.

The key to some of these engagements is to hone their ability to hire and develop high-performance teams. The need to understand people, psychology and politics becomes all the more important and the translation of their learnings into actions is achieved through coaching.

Most often we engage in more group coaching situations, where the young CEO learns to showcase vulnerability, build presence and leverage coaching to structure conversations towards powerful outcomes.

Outcomes driven for young CEOs

Every CEO is different and thereby, the outcomes for each of our engagements is varied. What we measure ourselves by is the capability of the young CEO to achieve more.

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One CEO whom we have engaged with pivoted his organization to be taken over by a larger company and negotiating his position as the new CEO of the joint entity.
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In another case, the CEO of manufacturing organization is well on his way to build a billion-dollar organization, by restructuring his teams and making big bold bets in manufacturing, engineering and sustainability.
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In another case, we have seen the young CEO transition from being the Director to becoming the Managing Director. He is now successfully backing a generational shift in people and mindset as he builds the organization of the future.


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