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Women Coaching Solutions

Our experiences in coaching and developing women leaders, started in December 2015 when we realised that it was the people in the middle management who required the maximum support to scale into leadership.

We also learnt through various engagements that it was not about creating the ecosystems to lean in, but the right support to prevent them from Leaning Out!

From our experiences with clients and our research, we realise now that there is a sense of fatigue that has crept into the woman leadership scene. There are numerous programs and the process has become too metric driven in organisations. There is a sense of herd mentality that has been built in to focus on gender diversity.

We have carefully chosen specific solutions for women that
  • Strengthens their resolve to have their unique Voice, Identity and Purpose.
  • Have the ability to address their unique leadership challenges in a safe environment, and empower themselves into leadership.
  • Ensuring that they have the ability to navigate, plan and successfully manage through their transition matrix.
  • Ability to plan their unique personal brand building efforts.
  • Unique blend of offerings which organisations can leverage to address the urgent and immediate to building a successful pipeline of women leaders within their organisations.

To provide some perspective on our beliefs:  Dispelling the Myths of the Gender “Ambition Gap”

Our own engagements and experiences which are captured in this association for coaching magazine: Global Coaching Perspectives

Providing the support for Women Leaders

VIP Women

Tap into your unlimited potential to amplify your Voice, Identity and Purpose to become the VIP Women that you truly deserve to be.

Empowering Women Into Leadership

Understand the new normal for leadership and empower yourselves through six different perspectives to give yourself a head start at work and in life.

Back 2 Work

If every transition is an opportunity in disguise how are you and your organization leveraging transitions for maximum benefit.

Personal Branding

Take charge of your personal brand by accessing and equipping yourself against the foundational pillars and multipliers/accelerators for your brand.


Right Engagement, Right Moment – Tailoring your women engagement initiatives from a bouquet of world class practices.