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Women are force-multipliers. Are they thriving in your organization?

How can women develop coping strategies to win in different areas of their lives?
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Women in Leadership: How can women develop coping strategies to win in different areas of their lives?

For organizations to accelerate towards their vision, they need to invest in innovation. Innovation is best driven in a diverse and inclusive work environment, with women empowerment into leadership being the easiest route to increasing Diversity.

It is our belief that empowering more women into Leadership is a critical step in increasing organizational performance as also showcasing inclusive growth. With less than 10% Board representation on average, there is tremendous opportunity for women to move into Leadership.

Is your organisation supporting and leveraging the strength of your female talent to achieve your vision?

Organizations are facing a gender diversity challenge at the leadership level. In addition to building the knowledge and skills for women to move into Leadership, organizations also need to reduce the perception gap in organizations that see women as less capable, and therefore hold limited growth potential. This workshop is a beginning to empower women with multiple perspectives, so that they can exercise their best choices, as they proactively take action to navigate their path to Leadership.

Leadership is a journey, which is not predicated only on gender. It is the awareness and choice of specific masculine and feminine traits and their interplay within situations, that provide the opportunities to progress towards Leadership.

Do you feel unheard in your team and workspace?
Are you an equitable woman leader? How important is approval of others in your practice of leadership?
Is it difficult to manage time and make space for personal and professional goals?Is it difficult to manage time and make space for personal and professional goals?
Have you been subjected to incidents of harassment or microaggression that makes it difficult for you to continue working?
Do flexible work policies seem like a myth given expectations at your workplace?
Do you feel judged when you express your views, and do you want more out of your workplace?
Do you feel burnt out and too exhausted to learn more and diversify for greater goals?
Are you scared to negotiate and ask for promotions?
When it comes to self-promotion and team promotion, what are your beliefs and biases that are holding you back?
Does acknowledging your inner battles make you feel powerful or vulnerable?
How can you reframe politics to serve you better?
Do you like yourself? If not, how are you increasing your ‘deservability’ in your own eyes?
How can recognising and nurturing your inner drive, serve you well?

How can we help you?

Our experiences in coaching and developing women leaders, started in December 2015 when we realised that  it was the people in the middle management who required the maximum support to scale up into leadership.

We also learnt through various engagements that it was not about creating the ecosystems to lean in, but the  right support to prevent them from leaning out!

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We believe leadership is gender agnostic. The future of leadership lies in the beautiful blend of masculine and feminine traits within every individual. In our quest to empower future female leadership, we help women leverage both their inherent feminine and masculine traits in an inspirational manner.

TAKE the Lead!!
DISCOVER your possibilities
CONFRONT your fears
CHALLENGE your status quo

Women need to believe in the power and possibilities of their leadership to transform the world around them. It is their  Drive “conative intelligence” and Deservability that will differentiate their representation at all levels, including senior leadership and board level positions.

Our Women at Work Solutions for You

We have four tailor-made programs to increase awareness among women at all levels in a workplace. We believe these will help women shatter the glass ceiling AND glass cliff to make better choices.


VIP Women

VIP Women is a specially curated program that embraces the powerful learnings and transformations we have enabled for women managers and leaders through our Executive Coaching Practice.

Amplifying Voice, Creating an Identity and Leading with Purpose (VIP) helps women professionals to better address the constraints and controls that they face in their journey to being the leader they deserve to be.

Find your voice, create your identity, lead with purpose


Empowering Women into Leadership

There is a huge opportunity for empowering women managers and leaders who could be role models for other women to work, contribute and thrive.

 While both female and male leaders have immense potential and talent, research findings show certain strategic areas where women can improve for better growth and impact.  Our flagship leadership program “Global Leadership and Coaching” is globally acclaimed gender agnostic leadership program. Empowering Women into Leadership, is adapted from this program, to give women professionals a safe environment to voice out their challenges, improve their strategic orientation, play constructive politics, champion their deservability and lead fearlessly with their multiple intelligences.

How can women leaders bridge their performance, potential and purpose?


Building Your Personal Brand

In a world of lookalikes, you need to stand out. One way to stand out is to build your personal brand. In fact every woman professional needs to build their brand proactively and consciously.

The problem with building a brand is that it is presumed to be selfish and that it militates against the principles of likeability. This program is designed to help  woman professionals get over these beliefs and biases and get started on building and establishing their personal brand, and seizing opportunities that they truly deserve in their leadership journey.

How can you improve the deservability quotient of your women talent?


The Sacred Corridor Of Leadership

Our Women At Work (WOW factors) research report ‘The Sacred Corridor’ explores the trials and tribulations, struggles and dilemmas that women face in achieving their dreams.

The qualitative study draws narratives from 26 senior women leaders across 17 geographies and a myriad of industries. With over 2600 minutes of live interaction, the narratives that emerged are enriching and inspiring.

We believe our research and its insights will motivate women professionals to Arrive, Strive and Thrive in their leadership.

Ready to navigate the Sacred Corridor of Leadership?

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6 questions every women professional should ask their manager

6 questions every woman professional should ask their manager

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