Finding Your Purpose

picture3It seems like the universe decided on a globally tilted November this year and decided to make us prime time viewers of some truly global ground breaking events – Trump’s Win, Demonitization in India, Hazardous Delhi, The Tata Fracas etc

As much as we want to do something about the current state of affairs, it soon becomes business as usual for most of us. Our ears are lullabied to phrases like – I don’t know, Just like that, I wish I knew, Why me?

Does this all sound familiar? How many of you are silently nodding with me?

We often hear these phrases when we ask leaders – What is your purpose? Or Why are you born in this world? When asking, we also observe their body language, their facial expressions and can sense their uneasiness when confounded with these questions. We know that it is not easy to confront this hash reality.

The auto pilot mode of lives we have chosen today keeps us busy and pseudo balanced to remain most times in the “Hungry zone” between the polarities of those who have realized their purpose and those who just don’t care. Working with truly genuine and authentic leaders in our engagements, we can intuitively sense that the majority of them are “the hungry” and want to satiate themselves and enrich the world around them.picture1

Do you want to close your eyes and visualize for a moment with me and create your purpose frame – How can clarification of your purpose, help you radiate positive change around you?

I hope that your visual purpose frame captured you with a “Michael Angelo effect” 🙂picture2

Well there is no need to worry if your purpose frame was not as good as “Michael Angelo’s” – you have many friends on your boat and we can start to work on “The Purpose” frame together.

This is what our friends in our Global Leadership and Coaching boats have come up, with expert facilitation :

  1. Look within – Give yourself the permission to take 20 minutes everyday to stop the constant chatter of your mind and listen to the wisdom of your soul as to its purpose.
  2. Allow the world around you to help you – There are plenty of magicians around you – Please SEEK Out.
  3. Seek out people whose purpose excites you.
  4. Do something new every day that will trigger the discovery of your own purpose – The universe will conspire to show you the way.
  5. Lastly talk to your life partner and align your purpose with them for them to keep you accountable – Aspiration without accountability is only hallucination.

Do commit yourself 100 percent  (not 98 percent  or 99 percent) to discovering your life purpose – for a life without purpose is a life wasted in Meaningless Activities and mere Activities are Not a Proxy for Progress.

Author: Sripriyaa - Director Innovation and Partnerships

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