Making sense of the Future – From Predictions to Actions



picture1It is my pleasure to be writing to you in the beginning of 2017, which promises to be a year filled with many wonderful ‘Beautiful Constraints– Well, how else can we build a mindset to survive as well as thrive meaningfully in the world around us today, if not through the lens of ‘Beautiful Constraints’ 🙂

Just into the first three weeks of 2017, I brim with prediction insights from globally recognized experts to upcoming experts on what they see as leadership and global workforce trends.

With these many pointers staring at me in one go, my multiple lens approach took control, and I started to think:

My Rational lens said – Well, these predictions help us to reason (or) clarify, to make sense of the VUCA world around us.
My Biases lens said Everybody is predicting the future that best serves their interest – Are these predictions someone’s wish-list – Are these predictors crouching their capabilities as predictions….
My Cultural lens said –Wow, with this level of change and diversity, how many more opportunities can arise for us to innovate and create newer ways to address people, profits and planet………

If you believe that Leadership is a Verb and not a noun – then what actions can you take to connect the dots and make sense of what you should do to survive, thrive and add meaning to yourself and others, in this new global landscape?
From our experience on working with leaders to adapt to change @GCL, I want to share with you some of our insights to help you address this:

  1. You have to choose the trends that are applicable to you and those that you can take action on. A simple 2×2
    matrix  can help  you achieve this prioritization. In the matrix I have personalized the Forbes Predictions  ( for us at GCL.


You could a take a few minutes to do the same. Hopefully this exercise will unravel what predictions make
sense for you and those that you can leverage for your own development in 2017.


2.picture1  Needless to add, translating those predictions into specific goals and milestones for
yourself – to capture the possibilities of these predictions.


Good luck and wishing you all success in 2017!







Author: Sripriyaa - Director Innovation and Partnerships

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  1. Well, written Priyaa. Interesting insights & the matrix is an exercise I wish to try out.

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